Friday, November 6, 2009

AbbyDay - Mmmmm, Pine Tree!

Yay! It's AbbyDay!

Before I start writing all about me I want to make sure you all know that I am for Peace too! In spite of what Pricilla wrote yesterday, I sat down for Peace too! Just because she didn't show MY photo doesn't mean I didn't participate. Pffft to Pricilla!

The publicist brought us some treats the other day - some pine tree branches! I love pine needles. They are so tasty.

Don't the green branches look nice against my fur?

They make my breath piney fresh!

I think I could eat pine branches all day long. Yummy!

OK. I just want to eat my pine now...enough with the photos.

Seriously! NO MORE PHOTOS!

The publicist wanted me to remind you of her giveaway on her blog - you can enter to win 100 Brochures/Flyers from her blog sponsor Uprinting. Today is the last day to enter so head on over and give it a go. Tell her Abby sent you!

Tomorrow: The Kids and the Logs


  1. My goats loved our Christmas tree. It was so funny to watch them munch on it for weeks until all the needles were gone.

  2. Of all the foliage you could eat, I never imagined you would enjoy pine! I wonder if really strongly scented things like that would flavor your milk?

  3. I never knew goats liked pine. It is delicious to smell, but I don't know about eating it!

    I like pine, too, but only to decorate at Christmas time. ;)

  4. Yay for abby day! I think you are right. I think I will skip the sandwich and go for straight for the oreos. They wont absorb the booze nearly as fast!

  5. Are eating those pine needles like eating toothpicks! They do look pretty against your furs though!

  6. So your breath smells like my kitchen and laundry room???!

  7. It doesn't sound like a treat. Those are all sappy and prickly! But hey, I'm not a goat.

  8. Awwww...I bet you smell just like a goaty christmas tree! Come to my house so I can decorate you! LOL :)

  9. Are you sure pine is OK to eat? Or are you goats truly miniature garbage cans? Hee hee.

    My husband accuses me of being a garbage can too. ;) Funny how he is the one who really eats junk food and I am the one who eats good yummy salads and stuff.

  10. I guess you are really focused on your snacking there. But thanks for the link to the Publicist's blog.

  11. We goats here eat lots of Cedar trees :O)... but mmm Pine Trees you say... I am going to have to get with Lady Rancher about this, there are 3 Pine trees in the front where we cannot get!!


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