Friday, November 27, 2009

AbbyDay - Buuuuuuurrrrpppp!

I hope that everyone had a nice day yesterday. I understand that you humans eat a lot on Thanksgiving. Well, I eat a lot everyday. It's just a goat's way. You have seen me at my best eating many tasty things around this Farm.  

Carrot tops

Broccoli plants

Beet Greens

But a doe has to eat, you know. If she doesn't she can't make the goat poop that fertilizes the garden around here. Hey, it's a fact of life! And I look STUNNING while I eat!

erm, excuse me.

Just to let you know the publicist is having a BIG SALE in her jewelry shop! 30% off everything for this weekend only - from Friday through Monday.With FREE SHIPPING! And if you mention the word BLOG in the notes to seller you will get a free bar of Pricilla's rich soap. So it's a good time to buy yourself a present or to start your holiday shopping.

Or if you want to buy something for me I think blue would look best against my fur.


  1. I do IS definitely YOUR color! :)

    I feel like burping right now myself; I just ate a slice of leftover pumpkin pie...but, I'm sure your carrot and broccoli yummies are much better than pie! :)

  2. I think everyone is still burping up turkey today! Have a great day!

  3. You do look beautiful! I am sure that all those delicious veggies help you to look your best,you have a very shiny coat!

    All gardeners fertilizer! The gift that keeps on giving!

  4. Hi, Abby!

    You DO look stunning. I doubt I looked very attractive shoveling food into my gullet yesterday . . . tho I DID eat some broccoli (smothered in cheese).

  5. Nobody eats as beautifully as you do Abby! Keep up the good work!

  6. hehe, just the title of the post today made me laugh

  7. I think you are Right to eat so much! Since your foods are low in calories you can eat to your goatie heart's content!

  8. i wish i had only eaten veggies. you are a very smart goat!

  9. I don't know why, but today's post absolutely cracked me up. I'm still chuckling.

    And I must say, I appreciate your manners. You could teach the childebeasts a few things.

    Blue is definitely your color - I agree 110%. It's important to be fashionable - even when you live with animals. (I know this from experience...mine just live inside.) xx

  10. and we so appreciate all the eating you goaties do to give us that wonder garden fertizlizer...

    You eat up girly!! :O)

  11. You eat way healthier than we did on Thanksgiving Abby! And we didn't look quite so stunning either!


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