Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Almost) - Oh, The Indignity!

 Can you believe the nerve?

I mean, seriously.

I am not a chicken roost! I am a SpokesGoat! Harumph!

Tomorrow:  The Last Graze of Fall 


  1. hahahhahha....i am spitting my coffee all over the place. this is too cute!!!

  2. Sorry-I think it's hilarious!!!!!!!

  3. Oh Pricilla. Oh dear. That is just not cool. My friend Dottie would have butted that little chicken into next Tuesday. Oh dear.


  4. My chickens do that too. That is a pretty little hen you have there.

  5. I think someone needs to butt that chicken to show her who is boss. Obviously, it is you, not her. I think the publicist will need to review polite manners with the chickens.

  6. Oh yes,chicken accessories are all the rage this season in goat yards every where!You simply must follow all the latest goatie fashion!

  7. Um, Pricilla? Can I have a ride next?

  8. Well, that is just ridiculous... Figures the publicist would pull out the camera instead of shooing that crazy chicken.

  9. so, didn't you ever hear about that classic story...."the hose of the seven gables"? it seems that one summer while working as a gardener at a mansion in salem, mass., the young nathaniel hawthorne...oh forget it!!! thanks for the heads up on the header mistake.'s one of those days!!!

  10. Hope the chicken at least didn't decide to relieve herself on you while she was sitting there. I mean, come on, at least leave you SOME dignity!

  11. Perfect pictures! That looks like a big hen or small goat. Are they friends.

  12. GREAT pictures! That is too funny. I can't believe she stood there for it.

  13. What a great photo!!!

    Pricilla how very nice of you to let the chicken roost a bit :O)...

  14. Don't you just have to wonder why???? Of all the places, why there?

  15. i am right there with you. every time i go to skaneateles and i see rhubarb and pomodoro, i always think that pomodoro is the kitchen store, not that rhubarb isn't, they both should be. i am going back in december. starting on thanksgiving weekend, they do dickens christmas. they have carolers and i am counting on snow. this town is in the snow belt. it gets lake effect snow from erie and then from all or the uppermost tips of the finger lakes. meanwhile, we now have 72 degree weather...ugh!!! i still think you should consider that trapeze. she is a natural!!!

  16. The "yoda" ears speak volumes!!! I think it's funny how the tables have turned on climbing on each other!! :)

  17. I'm so sorry. I want so much to be your friend and I understand the indignity that you must have felt... But it looks so funny.
    Please forgive me.
    What would you have said if a cat had climbed up on your back?
    Sara Cat

  18. Oh Pricilla, sorry for laughing at you but that is pretty funny!

  19. That chicken does have some nerve. LOL They both look pretty comfy to me.

  20. jaz - I am glad you can laugh at my indignity. Harumph!

    Sue - Harumph, harumph, harumph!

    Lisa - I was just so shocked I didn't know what to do and the publicist! She didn't help by taking those photos!

    Christy - I am not sure I like comments on how pretty the hen is. What about me? Am I not pretty. Harumph!

    Anne - I think the publicist should have done just that, but NOOOOO she breaks out the camera. Harumph!

    Aunt Vicki - I was too. I mean really! This is just not acceptable.

    Melodie - I am not a fashion forward goat. No way, no how. I will not wear feathers!

    Daisy - I MIGHT consider giving you a ride because you are so nice and pretty. But it ends there.

    Cute - Finally someone who understands!

    jaz - heh heh. Now you have made me laugh.

    Split Rock - oh that would have been the end of me. She didn't, thank heavens.

    Cindy - I am a very dainty goat, thank you. And that was one honkin' hen. And we are NOT friends. Friends don't just jump on friends' backs now do they?

    Statch - Harumph!

    Texan - I was so shocked I didn't know what to do. I should have called to Abby to butt it off but then Abby would not have helped me anyway....

    blueviolet - REALLY - WHY ME? I am a goat, not a roost!

    jaz - I think I should be allowed to travel. Take my spokesgoating on the road. Hmmm, may I go with you on your next trip?

    Lin - Harumph! Just wait until some hen hops on you.

    Sara Katt - I might have jumped because you katts have claws...

    BeadedTail - again I say Harumph! Harumph, harumph, harumph!!!!

    CluelessMama - thank you for visiting my blog even if it was not on my best day. Harumph!


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