Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where's the Water?

We goats drink a lot of water. We like our water hot so the publicist brings it to us fresh from the tap every morning. Isn't she nice? There is nothing like a drink of steaming hot water just after one has been milked to get your day started.

The kids are starting to appreciate a nice drink of water. And the joys of hopping and leaping from the water bucket holder. Silly kids!
You can see them checking it out. They are so excited in the mornings!

They hop on top.

Sometimes they miss completely and land in the center.

They leap!

They sniff and explore. It's such a simple thing but it makes them so happy.

Sometimes we don't even wait until the bucket makes it into the holder. That water just looks so inviting.

Life sure is more fun with the kids in the pen. It is certainly more entertaining.

Tomorrow: AbbyDay. Heaven help us.


  1. Like human kids, it's the simple things that are the most fun!

  2. With all that jumping going on you'd think that was spring water! Get it? Spring! Boing! Ha roo roo!


  3. I didn't know goats liked hot water. Ya learn something new every day!

  4. Love Beaded Tail's comment! Boing!

    Who knew such simple things could make a kid so happy? Adorably fun.

  5. Frogs - yes, we goats like our water hot. I, personally won't drink cold water at all. I turn my nose up at it. Harumph

    Lin - ain't it the truth.

    BeadedTail - hahahahahahaha! you are very punny.

    Nanny Goats - I am always glad to goatucate my readers.

    Cute - yes, BeadedTail was well, cute, today. Heh heh. The kids make me laugh everyday.

  6. That just made me laugh and laugh when I saw the picture where the little ones landed in the middle. They're so cute!

  7. I give my goats warm water in the winter too. But cold in the summer. They seem to like it that way. With a splash of apple cider vinegar. Ahhh refreshing.

  8. blueviolet - sometimes they don't land where they aim.

    Carolyn - I won't drink cold water. Neither will the other goats. We are fussy.

  9. How interesting that you all like hot water best!

  10. I had no idea goats liked hot water! Mine drink cold water. I'm going to have to try them on hot.


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