Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mmmmm, Broccoli

The cold weather is upon us. We have had frost almost every morning for a week and I heard the male person say it was going to be 15* on Friday. Brrrrrrr! This means that the garden is done for the season. I secretly think the publicist is very happy about this. I heard her mumbling things about how many tomatoes there were....I won't repeat them here, this is a family blog.

But this is very good news for us goats! Why, you ask? Because we get to eat the plants! That's right. The publicist pulls them and gives them to us for goat treat. Right now she is working her way through the broccoli plants. Mmmmm, broccoli.

As you can imagine it is a bit hectic when the publicist brings the yummy plants into the goat pen.  We all try and eat at once...

Even the kids try and get in on the act and nibble at the broccoli leaves.

And it wouldn't be a feeding frenzy without Blue Guy, would it?

Jillian really enjoyed her broccoli. I don't blame her - it's yummy!

Actually, Jillian and Mallory tend to butt us smaller goats out of the way to get to the pile. 

But the publicist always makes sure to spread the tasty treats around so we all can share...even the chickens.

I can't wait to see what the publicist pulls next. The male person went through and cut down all of the corn stalks. They are drying in the hay pile. Mmmmm, corn stalks.....

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  1. too bad i don't live closer because i would love to see my crummy garden feed something since it didn't feed us. i am biting the bullet and pulling everything out this week! i guess mine will just go to the compost pile!

  2. Broccoli sounds a little bit delicious. I wish we would get some cool weather here. It's still in the mid 90s here. We do not like it!

  3. I never would have thought that the chickens would like that too.

  4. I love that close up of Jillian - she's quite a looker, isn't she?

  5. MMMMMMMMMMM.................. Broccoli........

  6. Hey, thanks for sending the cold this way---NOT! We are freezing here and have a marching competition in freezing weather. ugh.

    I noticed that you goats are like garbage disposals!

  7. thanks for stopping by my blog on my special sits day, and for your comments.

    Did you enter either of my two giveaways?

    the buzz,

  8. I wish you guys had been here a few weeks ago when I pulled all my broccoli out of the garden. And the tomatoes...there were so many of them but the growing season was so weird they were all horrible. Maybe you wouldn't want them.

    It's supposed to snow here this weekend but we haven't gotten below freezing yet. 15! Ouch it's too early for that.

  9. Looks like the broccoli was a really big hit with everyone on the farm!

  10. Melodie - don't we know it!

    jaz - the male person says that since we eat the plants and then poop and then our poop fertilizes the garden.

    Daisy - it is very delicious. The publicist would love your weather.

    blueviolet - those chickens will eat anything

    Aunt Vicki - yes she is very pretty, but not as pretty as me.

    Da Bean - you would agree with me. heh heh

    Lin - it's not my idea...the Farm kitten is very happy with your gift. He thanks you.

    The Royal Family - thank you for visiting my blog.

    Jen - we would munch your garden stuff too! We are not happy about the 15*

    BeadedTail - It was indeed!

  11. Of course Blue Guy had to get in on the action!

  12. LOL this reminds me of my "pigs"... I have four rescued guinea pigs and they LOVE greens... and they REALLY resemble goats eating when the greens go in. I don't have any in the garden, unfortunately. When I go to the grocery store and buy BAGS of greens I'm sure everyone wonders what I am cooking. ;)


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