Thursday, October 15, 2009

Luke, Luke, Luke - I Love Luke

I spend a lot of my time just staring at the love of my life, Luke the goat. I told the publicist that I didn't care what she wanted me to write about today I was going to dedicate my post to my hunk of handsome buck, Luke.  We all got some some yummy corn stalks the other day and I just love the way my Luke eats his corn. I mean, look at him.

Isn't he just the studliest little guy?

And doesn't he enjoy his corn.....mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm!

I wish I could have been in his pen to share it with him, but I have to wait until December.
Until then, I just have to watch....and keep Jillian away from him.

Here is a close up so you can all appreciate how adorable he is.

I hope you don't mind my going all lovey dovey today. But I just can't help myself.

Tomorrow:  AbbyDay. It's Abby against the corn.


  1. He IS a handsome devil--I mean, just LOOK at those beautiful horns!! You are one lucky lady, Pricilla...hang in there!

  2. Ooooh...he IS a handsome goat! Just look at those goatly muscles!! Better watch him closely! :)

  3. OO la la, what a handsome hunka goat! If I were a goat, I'd be romanicising too!

  4. Yes Pricilla, cow-print fellas are most definitely the handsomest around. I would know!

  5. ooh-la-la ... I sense a goatly hook-up in the near future. Such excitement on the farm!

  6. Well I know my heart is going pitter pat!

  7. Luke is a handsome fellow!It is no wonder you only have eyes for him!

  8. Luke is certainly a very handsome goat. You have great taste Pricilla!

  9. Um, I still don't see it. But then I am a human. I have to take my computer out to my goats and see what they think.

  10. Hi Sugarcube here, from the Texas Ranch... Yes your Luke is a very nice looking goat fellow, my heart belongs to Harrison, he is to me what your Luke is to you... sighhhh yes just melts a goats heart does it not...I know what you mean about keeping the other girls away from our guys...geesh its a hard job and well pretty much impossible, but oh well I guess our guys can't help that all the girls love them!

    We just had a new kid born here yesterday, Lady Rancher was all excited! Well okay he is pretty cute...his picture is on our blog :O).

  11. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. but he is actually very handsome!

  12. Luke is a handsome goat. I love his markings -- it's like they're only on his back half!

  13. He is very attractive although he isn't really my type (I prefer 2 legs to 4). Enjoy looking forward to your December tryst, anticipation is half the fun.

  14. Yep, that's burning love right there!

  15. Will oaks - I am glad you see it too.

    A.Marie - he is just sooooo cute. I just fear the other does want him too.

    Cici- you stay away. He's mine. I have enough problems with the girls on my Farm. ;)

    Daisy - thank you. He and Harley are a bit alike, aren't they?

    Snuggles - I can see where you would appreciate Luke's coloring. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Aunt Vicki - Luke and I have a date planned for December.

    Buggys - it's tough when you love a studly buck.

    Melodie - from the moment he arrived on the Farm it was looooooove.

    BeadedTail - thank you. I think so too!

    Carolyn - I suspect your does will love him too. I am glad they are far away.

    Texan - your new baby is very cute. Lots of black and white goats this year.

    jaz - well, maybe you humans just don't see what I see in my handsome Luke.

    Cute - We did make a cute kid last year in Kevin. Who knows what we will make next year.

    Lin - jealous?

    Anne - like the song?

    blueviolet - you know it!

  16. Luke I see why all the soap opera the other day! Stud ;)

  17. Oh you could do soooooo much better!

    LOL, I kid! I kid! (pun intended)


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