Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Kids in the Garden

First let me start off by saying HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope everyone has fun trick or treating tonight. Don't eat too many treats and don't play too many tricks. heh heh.


The garden has been the grazing hot spot this week! I'll tell you. We are going to miss it and its tasty treats.  The kids had their share of fun in there. They spent some time with us older goats....

But then it was off on their own.

I think Matthew is really showing some attitude here...what do you think?

Jeffrey is really becoming an expert nommer. It's a good skill for him to learn before he goes off to his new Farm.

I hope he is sharing his skills with his sister!

 I know the kids enjoyed their time in the garden. We all did!

Tomorrow:  Jeffrey Escapes!


  1. How much more time do we have with them? I need to brace myself.

  2. Oh,they are getting so big,they are getting their big goat horns!They just grow up too fast..sigh.

  3. Happy Halloween! Will you get to eat some pumpkins?!?

  4. Happy Halloween! Awww, look! The little horns are growing on the kids. They are sooo cute.

  5. I am an expert nommer. I hope this means I get to go live in a farm!

  6. Having little critters around is so nice. They grow so quickly it makes me a little sad. But you can't stop them...

    What's it like in March at your house? We've got a wedding we're going to in northern ID then were going to Ennis afterward so we would want to visit since you may be in route... If your taking visitors that is. :)

  7. it looks like the kids trick ot treated in your garden!

  8. Happy Halloween to all of you! We hope you get some pumpkin to celebrate the day!

  9. Matthew definitely was showing some goatitude there!

  10. They are so adorable! I love looking at the baby photos. I hope you all had an amazing time in the garden and I hope the trips continue. Treats should not just be reserved for Halloween.

  11. Matthew so has the same look like Cole has when he gets in one of his my way or the highway attitudes ... LOL.

    thanks my dear always love me some goat hugs :)

  12. blueviolet - Jeffrey and Emily will leave the middle of November. I know it is sad but they are going to a really good Farm.

    Melodie - I know. Just like kids, huh?

    Daisy - no pumpkins for us. But we did get pears!

    Split Rock - the publicist will attest that those little horns can hurt!

    JD - you can come nom here any time you would like.

    Julia - no you can't. I hope you got the publicist's email.

    jaz - I guess they did! ;)

    BeadedTail - maybe I should ask the publicist for capes so we can be supergoats. heh heh

    Cute - he sure was!

    Anne - you are so right! That is a motto to live by

    Alexis - I guess attitude is universal


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