Friday, October 23, 2009

The Kids Graze

I know that I reported that we had our last graze of Fall. What I didn't report was all of the fun that the kids had when they went out for the graze. Since the kids were born late in the year they really haven't had many grazes - which is rather sad for them but it was the safe thing to do since the Bald Eagle hangs out in the tree. He would find goat kid to be a tasty treat and that would make us all very sad. So this graze was one of the few chances the kids got to go on a graze.

I will say that they took to it like pros! They had a very good time but I think they spent most of the time running and exploring rather than munching. I suppose that is OK when you are still nursing.  

They ran over to check out the view of the river.

 Then they ran down the gully and back again and discovered the big hill in the yard. THAT was really fun for them. They felt like Kids of the Hill.

They ran up.

 They frolicked

Matthew thought he saw something but he soon heard his nanny calling so.....

They ran down.

What more fun could a herd of small kids have? I suspect that they would have stayed out all day if the publicist had let them!

Tomorrow: A visitor!


  1. What a delightful day the kids enjoyed!

  2. The kids are SO cute.

    and I would love a little outdoor frolic myself.

  3. Looks like they had a great time! It must be so much fun to just sit back and watch the kids run around -- so cute.

  4. Cute!! Looks like the kids had a wonderful time :)

  5. A bald eagle could really make off with a young kid? I'd have never imagined, but then I have no idea how small a new kid really is.

  6. I couldn't believe an eagle could get them and my son was reading this with me so he showed me on youtube how HUGE bald eagles are. Now I understand why your little goats would need to be cautious!

  7. Oh, little goats have got to be careful! We have coyotes here that are snatching dogs and cats right in front of their aghast owners. Yes, even in the suburbs, you gotta watch your babies.

  8. Secondary Roads - they sure did and they are so much fun to watch.

    JennyMac - wouldn't we all!

    Cute - you hit the nail on the head!

    SL - they did and they were good about listening to their nannies.

    Susan - yes it could. Tune into Goatucation on Monday.

    blueviolet - they are very big birds. And hungry.

    Lin - so true! Watch out for Hobbes!


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