Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Kids Butt, Butt, Butt

Yesterday you saw Jillian and Abby get their butt on. While the two of them were going at it the little ones were watching the action. This is how they learn. And learn they did! While they don't make the big, dramatic moves that we larger goats make they do play at butting.

And aren't they cute while they are doing it? They look like a big blob of goat fur!
I think Matthew and Jeffrey get a little too rough for Emily. You can see her running away here.

Matthew and Jeffrey spend a good part of their day butting heads.

I think they enjoy these butting games....what do you think?

 But it is not ALWAYS Jeffrey and Matthew, sometimes Emily and Jeffrey get going too.

But (heh heh) no matter which kid or kids are butting it is very entertaining.

Tomorrow: Goatucation


  1. Okay this has to be the cutest thing I have seen in a very long time! They are so adorable! Next time take video if you can so we can see them in actions!

    Stopping by from SITS :)

  2. They are sooo cute! I wish we had llama babies coming so we could watch them pley. Which one of the goats has the white ears? That one is adorable!

  3. Boys will be boys!The rougher the play the better they like it!It is so for people boys and goatie boys too!

  4. They learn so quickly! No buts about it... these are some cute butts! ;)

  5. Oh, I need some goat boys and girls around my house; they are just too darn cute! I have some kittens, though, so that'll have to do! :)

  6. dumb question but why do goats butt? is that their only protection? do goats bite? i guess i am in need of more goatucation!

  7. They learn so quickly! They do seem to having loads of fun.

  8. It's so cute to watch them practicing 'grownup' behaviors!

    I'm curious to know if goats bite each other too. I've never seen mine bite each other. They seem to interact only by head-butting each other. One of them did bite me once, and draw blood, but it was completely unintentional. She thought I had food in my hand, and I wasn't paying attention. It hurt but wasn't bad at all.

  9. Wow, this is such a unique blog. I look forward to reading more as a new follower.

    Thanks for entering my great book giveaway!

  10. They are so cute butting each others little heads. I'm sure they provide many hours of entertainment!

  11. Oh, that is so funny to see them doing that! Gees, they are cute.:)

  12. classroom - thank you for visiting my blog

    Split Rock - that is Jeffrey with the white ears. He is an instigator.

    Melodie - I think you are right!

    Cute - you are just too punny!

    A.Marie - kittens are cute too....

    jaz - I will goatucate you tomorrow

    blueviolet - they sure do.

    Statch - tune in tomorrow!

    Midday Escapes - thank you for joining my herd!

    BeadedTail - they sure do. the publicist says it's better than TV.

    Lin - they are funny 'cause they are a bit uncooridinated.


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