Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Not Ultimate SPOOL Supremacy...But It's Close!

As I showed you yesterday the kids are getting big and it won't be long until they are hopping and leaping all over the spools. They aren't there yet...but they are hopping on the new goat house in the pen.

Especially Emily.

She hopped up there yesterday and was having all kinds of fun!

She danced.

She leapt.

She jumped down.

And got up again.

I am sure she was having the time of her little life. And I know it won't be that long 'til she figures out she can get on the spools.

Uh - oh....who is that? Is Emily about to get bumped from the goat house?

Tomorrow:  See the battle


  1. Goats are just soooo silly! I think she is proud of herself for getting up there.

  2. too cute!!! on our way up north we are going to some goat farms. they are having a cheese tour!

  3. I'm so glad I am getting a daily dose of cute kids. Now I can move on to my more tedious chores with a bit of a hop in my step.

    (P.S. Mentioned you on my blog today.)

  4. I hope they are not getting any bad habits from their Aunts Jillian and Mallory.

  5. Ooooo! I bet her dancing makes lots and lots of noise. I would have loved to see video of her craziness!

  6. It is impossible to watch those kids hopping around like that and NOT be happy. Also, I agree with Kathy... the publicist needs to post some hoppy video sometime! Pretty please???

  7. No fair to leave us in suspense like that at the end! :->

  8. I just LOVE your goats but mostly your kids. What fun! Great pictures. That seems like alot of acrobatics for such a small baby goat.

  9. They have so much joy! Well, at least before a battle so we'll see what happens tomorrow!

  10. That's funny that she was so close to the spool and didn't figure it out yet!

  11. Lin - I do think you are right. She was very proud.

    Daisy - can you hear the music?

    jaz - that sounds like fun. You can tell them you know a famous SpokesGoat!

    Carolyn - It is fun to have kids this time of year

    Da Bean - I think those are already teaching them bad habits.

    Kathy - the publicist is a bobo and doesn't know how to work the video on her Canon Rebel DSL camera. If anyone can teach her she is open to instruction. She doesn't have a video camera...

    Cute - maybe she should go on Dancing with the Stars!

    Heather Cherry - the publicist will try and learn her camera. She is making no promises though. She only can find her camera manual in Spanish and she doesn't read Spanish...

    Statch - Bwahahahaha!

    BelladonasJoy - I am glad I make you smile with my blog.

    BeadedTail - Yes, it's very exciting around here these days.

    blueviolet - sometimes they get a bit focused on one thing. I am sorry about the post you commented on about the battle. It posted before it was supposed to. The Farm kitten jumped on the keyboard and hit the button. Stupid Farm kitten.

  12. These baby goats of your seem to ALL be of the leaping variety! It must be wonderful to see them leaping and cavorting all over their pens. Almost like big black fleas bouncing about.

  13. OK, you had my mother and i laughing out loud at this one... especially the happy goat dance!!! :) Can't wait for my soap to arrive!!! (Katherine at


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