Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guess Who's Mooovin' In? We Have New Neighbors

Ha! I fooled you, didn't I?

You thought we were getting a cow here on the Happy Goats Farm didn't you? But the publicist and male person are very happy with the milk from me, Abby, Jilliand and Mallory.

Remember Dusty

Dusty and the other horses on her Farm are the ones who now live with cows! How cool is that? The publicist loves moos she hears. She likes cows but we really have enough milk around here. The only thing she would like to have is the cream that you can get with cow's milk - then she could make more butter. Goat's milk is naturally homoginized which means the cream doesn't separate from the milk.

The new cows are kind of cool. It's a shame Harry the Cowgoat isn't still here.

He would have felt right at home with these cows. They are black and white.

But then again, Jeffrey and Emily might match them better. They are more black than white...

There are three all together; two in the main field and one all by himself. I am sure Luke can empathize with that!

 This is a close up of the lonely cow.

They are pretty far from the road so the publicist couldn't get very close to take pictures. Hopefully they will move around the different fields and she will be able to get better shots.

Tomorrow:  Goats in the Garden...WHAT?!

The publicist wanted me to tell you that she has two giveaways ending tonight on her blog; one for a vinyl banner and one for 250 Custom Stickers. So head on over and enter!


  1. More friends,hopefully they will not steal you hay like the horses.

  2. those are some nice looking cows! sort of sad to see pics of harry though.....any news about how he is doing?

  3. We like cows, too! I never knew that goats milk is naturally homogenized.

  4. Cute cows. Do cows and goats get along?

  5. thanks "goat" fir voting for me! :)

  6. Those cows are going to enjoy watching your antics! It'll be like cow TV for them!

    We realized how much we miss Harry again. :(

  7. I was one of the fooled ones!

    How nice to have new neighbors. I bet moos would be a nice sound to have in the background. My Moo does not moo... he meows. ;)

  8. Oh, and how great to see a picture of Harry! Still love that little guy.

  9. Da Bean - I hope not. We need our hay.

    jaz - they are interesting cows. As far as the publicist knows Harry and Kevin are fat and happy.

    Daisy - we aim to goatucate! heh heh You seem to know all about udders these days.

    Theresa - I have nothing against cows. I have never heard of any problems with mixed herds. heh heh

    Priscila - it was my pleasure.

    Lin - friends are good. No matter the species.

    BeadedTail - we can be very, erm, entertaining.

    blueviolet - he sure did!

    Cute - haha! I know your Moo more mooeows than Mooos. I publicist really likes having the moos mixed in with our maaas. I agree. We miss Harry too - he was a cutie!


Maaaaaa away....


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