Monday, October 26, 2009

Goatucation - Eagle Bait!

I mentioned in one of my posts that the kids didn't go out on too many grazes when they were little because of our resident Bald Eagle.  He sits in our tree almost everyday. He is not here much in the Spring but he is here constantly in the Fall and Winter. 

Bald Eagles are very large raptors and a little goat kid would make a nice meal for an eagle. Some of my commenters were surprised that an eagle could lift a goat kid. A Bald Eagle can lift up to four pounds! Goat kids when they are born only weigh (at least on this Farm) around two pounds. Now they really prefer the trout they find in the river but if they thought they could easily catch a little goat kid...
The eagle tried to fly away with Farm cat Fred so we know he is checking things out on the Farm.

We also have Golden Eagles in the area. There are not as many around as the Bald Eagles but both the publicist and male person have seen Golden Eagles flying around. They are truly magnificent birds.  They are larger than the Bald Eagles; they can have a wingspan of up to SIX FEET! That is a big bird! Golden Eagles have been known to take small deer. Deer are our cousins!

So it is much better to keep the kids in the pen until they are bigger so that the eagles won't be interested in having them for a snack.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the eagles around the Farm.

Tomorrow: Who's Moooooving in?


  1. We have bald eagles here too,they live at the lake.I had no idea that we had bald eagles in Texas until we moved here.Luckily I have never seen any watching our farm!We do have to worry about owls and other hawks though.Got to keep those little goaties safe!

  2. i have a friend that lives in BC and they have too many eagles. they eat all the salmon so the fishing people have to go much farther out to fish now. they can't leave their dogs out in the yard or the eagles will get them. good to keep the goaties safe!!!!

  3. Please tell me you are not mooooooving in a cow?

  4. We used to have an eagle that nested here.. but it seems to have moved on!

    So are you getting a cow to milk too.....

  5. We have to worry about hawks and owls eating kids,who would do such a thing!!

  6. That was fascinating and scairty! And I had no idea that the kids weighed so little at birth.

  7. Eagles and hawks. That is why we can't let the cats outside either. Even Farm Cat Fred was threatened.

  8. Ooooh, that is scary! I thought everyone was looking at an eagle yesterday and it just turned out to be the horse visitor! Whew!

  9. We see an occasional bald eagle, but I don't think they next close by. This year as winter was giving way to spring, I sat here in the office and as I looked out toward the barn a golden eagle swooped by the end of the barn and disappeared behind the garage. It was awesome! It was huge. I was glad I wasn't a kid standing out there.

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  11. What? They eat goats and cats? But they're both so cute!

  12. Oh my do we know about those big birds that want to take us goats!!
    You read about how we thought one took Justice!! They are scary those big birds!! Here its Hawks and Owls... the Hawks will try to pick up 3-4 lbs like your Eagles, which would for sure be most new born kids ... and then the Owls will try to pick up to 8lbs lady rancher read!! Stay safe my goat friends!!

  13. Six feet wingspan?! Holy goat! (I'm assuming I will be able to say Holy cow! after tomorrow?) :)

    Stay safe, little kids.

    P.S. Will they be dressing up for Halloween?

  14. We didn't realize the kids were so tiny. That's pretty scary that the eagles might take off with a kid or a cat.

  15. I always learn so much from you! Four pounds, wow!

    I also didn't know about golden eagles at all!

  16. Vultures are our problem. They got one of our new ducks the other day. My husband found just a pile of feathers. Hawks are supposed to be a problem here too. Someone was telling us that a hawk had pulled a Yorkie out of a woman's arms. I'm not quite sure I believe that, but hawks did kill two of our ducks at our other pond.

    Eagles are at least prettier than vultures!

  17. Melodie-we have owls and hawks too. It's a birds world out here!

    jaz - the eagles are pretty to watch fly, though.

    Da Bean - you will have to come back tomorrow to see. Bwahahahaha!

    Daisy - the kids are very tiny when they are born.

    Anne - Farm life is tough.

    Priscila! How cool. thank you for visiting my blog. I went and visited yours.

    Pooba - the cute get eaten too.

    Texan - I was very glad to see Justice was back safely.

    Cute - no. No Halloween. I think they would eat the costumes.

    BeadedTail - I know. That is why the new Farm kitten Sherpa doesn't go outside.

    blueviolet - Golden eagles are beautiful!

    Statch - you are right. Eagles are prettier than vultures. I am sorry about your duckies.


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