Monday, October 12, 2009

Goatucation - Back to Basics. All about The Nigerian Dwarf Goat

For today's Goatucation I thought I would start at the very beginning as they say, and tell you all about, well, ME. The Nigerian Dwarf Goat. Maybe I will write about Jillian and Mallory on another day. They are not Nigerian Dwarf Goats - they are another breed so I don't think they are as special. Harumph!

We Nigerian Dwarf goats are a miniature breed of goat brought over from West Africa and we give a rather good bit of milk for our size. Right now the publicist is getting just about two quarts a day when she milks me and Abby. I have to admit that most of it comes from Abby because she is only three years old while I am getting on in years.  Hey, it happens to all of us - just look at the publicist. She is an old goat too.

We come in a variety of colors as you can see just from the goats on this Farm.  I am brown with white spots


Abby is black with just a couple of white spots

and Luke looks like a cow.

 Hi Luke you handsome hunk of goat! I can't wait for our date!

Ok, sorry about that. 

Back to the Goatucation. Our milk has a rather high level of butterfat too which makes it very yummy to drink. It is around 4 - 6%. This is why it makes such good cheese and ice cream, not to mention my rich soap. ( I am nothing if not a good SpokesGoat.) 

Since we are so small in size and very friendly we are good for people who want milk for their families. We are easy to train (heh heh) and manage (heh heh again).

If anyone would like to know even more about Nigerian Dwarf Goats here is the link to the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association.

Hmmm, I have never been invited to the convention. I wonder what is up with that?

Tomorrow: Just WHAT is Jillian doing?


  1. A most informative discourse, Pricilla you should be a Ph.D.

  2. When we went to buy ducks recently, the woman selling them had a dwart goat for sale also. We were really tempted, but were worried about her getting out through our gates, since we had trouble with the baby goat getting out. With the two Boer goats we just worry about them getting their heads stuck in the fence!

  3. Very interesting. Do dwarf goats make good pets? Could I keep one in my bathroom?

  4. I agree, other breeds aren't as special. I love my nigerians, I even have an all white one with blue eyes.

  5. Hm... do the Nigerian goats try and scam you for money like their human counterparts? ;)

  6. A very informative post indeed. Thank you so much Pricilla!

  7. Great post!Thanks for the helpful comment at my place.You are a source of inspiration in our goatie adventures!

  8. That was very interesting. I never knew there was such a thing as goat ice cream!

    And about being dwarf goats... I guess maybe size doesn't matter after all. ;)

  9. Thanks for a very interesting post. Goats milk ice cream sounds pretty yummy.

  10. Pricilla, this was a very interesting post! We didn't realize there were different types of goats - just thought you were all just cute goats!

  11. Goats are incredibly fun! How do you get any work done!

  12. i keep seeing the cows with the white band around their middles up here and thinking they look an awful lot like one little goat i know!

  13. Tuesday October 13th, 2009
    Hi Pricilla,
    Nice to meet you! It was interesting reading about all of you goats. Very informative and even funny.
    By the way, I'm a house cat. Maybe we can be not-of-our-species-friends? I think you are a very clever goat. (And I really like the idea of tasting goatsmilk! Yummie!)

    Purrs (That's what we do)
    Sara Cat

  14. Carolyn - thank you. I think I am an expert in Nigerian Dwarf.

    Statch - we goats do like the grass on the other side of the fence. heh heh

    JD - we really are rather indiscriminate in where we erm, leave our droppings and pee so your bathroom would be a big mess.
    Other than that Nigerian Dwarf goats make good pets unless they are Abby.

    Christy - that sounds like a beautiful goat. The opposite of Matthew who is all black.

    Heather Cherry - you are very punny. We goats are very honest - except for Abby of course.

    Aunt Vicki - it was my pleasure. I love to talk about myself. ;)

    Melodie - I am glad I could help. My Luke is a great little buck.

    Daisy - so does the publicist. She has a lot of it aging in her refrigerator.

    Cute - our milk makes very tasty ice cream. It's because of the high fat content.

    Theresa - the publicist has lots of our milk so she does lots of experimenting.

    BeadedTail - there are many different breeds of goats. There are even pygmy goats which are even smaller than us Dwarf goats.

    Lin - that could be arranged.

    blueviolet - why, thank you!

    AB - it's a challenge. Especially when the little ones are climbing all over me.

    jaz - oreo cows! oreo cows!

    Sara Cat - I would love to be your not of our species friends. Thank you for asking. Maaaaaa! That's what we say.

  15. Great post thanks for the information.

  16. Reading this made me want a Nigerian Dwarf goat. Unfortunately, it would require quite an investment to get our yard ready for a new resident such as a goat. Also, I would worry about her being outside in the snow. I know you don't like rain, but are goats ok with snow?


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