Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goats in the Garden

Well this is really not as bad as it sounds. The garden is very, very dead. But that doesn't matter to us goats. Oh, no! We love to munch on dead plants so when the publicist let us loose in there, boy did we have fun!

 I went right for the dried up, old brussels sprouts plants. Mmmmm.

I have to admit I was quite a piggy goat. 

But they are so good! And now I won't have any more until next year. 
Then Abby figured it out and tried to horn in on my snack. Heh heh, horn in.

Jillian went after the dried bean plants. She is no dummy. She knows tasty when she munches it.

 Now Mallory. She is an odd one. She went for

We have that in our goat pen. 
Silly Mallory.

Now Abby did much more munching in the garden but you know what tomorrow is....


So she will tell you all about her adventures in her post.


  1. It's the all you can eat goatie buffet!The goat version of Golden Corral,without the sneeze guards!

  2. I have a dead garden that needs some gorgeous goats to come in and munch away!! Of course, I also have lots of grass if that is what Miss Mallory prefers! :

  3. I wish I could look out into my back yard and see a beautiful bunch of goats chewing on my dead zucchini plants and Mr. Chively (my chive plant). Do goats like chives? Mr. Chively always smells so good. I would think that would make a good goat snack.

  4. What a wonderful way to clean up the garden!! That garden fed the publicist (will continue to feed the publicist, and now is feeding you goaties!!! Excellent.

  5. Lucky goats! You always manage to get such great photos. Pretty amazing, really, when you think about pressing those little buttons with your hooves ... hmmmm

  6. That is the ultimate in recycling. After the publicist is finished with the garden it has still not outlived its usefulness. Talk about using every bit! It looks like you all had quite the party.

  7. i guess that not only is the grass greener on the other side, it is tastier too!!! i sure could use a couple hundred goats right now!

  8. I had no idea that deaded plants would taste so good!

  9. Now THAT is some style you ladies have.

    Pricilla, my soap was waiting for me when I got to my PO Box for me. Thank the Publicist for the fast shipping! I might go take a second shower now...

  10. Just like my kids. They can't stand for one of them to have something the other doesn't.

  11. You all make the deaded plants look so good! Is there anything you don't like to eat?

  12. Boy, that Mallory isn't much of an opportunist, is she?

    By the way, thank you so much for the nice review over at I really appreciate it.


  13. I wish we could get in lady rancher's garden but she still has Garlic and onions in there and she has Rosemary bushes that live all year long in there...siggghh I might like Rosemary, I am not sure.

    So wow you guys are lucky you got in the garden!!

  14. They're so funny! Dried up is just as good...

  15. Melodie - hmmm, maybe I can franchise.

    A.Marie - send the bus and we will be there!

    JD - I have not had chives. I like basil...

    Julia - and then we poop in the garden to fertilize it.

    Aunt Vicki - a goat has to have SOME secrets.

    Anne - we are the original recyclers.

    jaz - Hmmm, I have heard they have rent a goat in California but I am not sure about where you live.

    Daisy - you have no idea. The Farm cats eat grass and hay. Do you eat grass?

    Susan - I am so glad my rich soap got there quickly. I try and keep the publicist on her toes with shipping and such.

    Debbie - doesn't matter the species, does it :)

    BeadedTail - we are not supposed to eat the dried leaves of stone fruit trees.

    Nanny Goats - I think Mallory is silly. You are most welcome. Your blog makes me laugh.

    Texan - I like rosemary....

    blueviolet - well I am sure you like dried up and fried potatoes...

  16. Oh, I missed this yesterday. :(

    Looks like you all had a field day!


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