Monday, October 19, 2009

Emily Flies

I know I have been writing a lot about Emily lately but she is a little spitfire! She is also the most adventurous of the the three kids. YOU might be surprised that it is the doe that is the scrappy goat, but I am not. I know that we does are the ones to go first into the fray.

You know well that Emily has been dancing on the goathouse and on the spools. But did you know that she has been leaping and flying too?

I think she is just a goat full of joy!

 She flies from the goathouse.

She leaps from one spool to the other.

She flies back again.

I think she loves to play.

I don't blame her. If I were a young goat....aaaah the fun I would have.

Tomorrow: Wordless Wednesday - Oh, The Indignity!


  1. Not only is she just so precious (I want my own Emily!) but your flying photos are just amazing!! I'm sitting here just marveling and smiling!

  2. I love the name Emily. I think there is a doeling in my future with that name. Except she will have floppy ears.

  3. Wow,the publicist gets great pictures!Of course she is working with a very cute and photogenic subject!

  4. she flies through the air, with the greatest of ease, the daring young emily on the flying....hmmmmm....maybe you should invest in a trapeze?

  5. First picture: Invisible Pogo Stick

    Second picture: Invisible Bicycle

    Third picture: Invisible Bridge

    Fourth picture: Invisible Slide

    Fifth picture: Invisible Publicist to Stand On

  6. It seems that little Emily is filled with joie de vivre!

  7. Fabulous photos Pricilla! Having such a cute subject helps, doesn't it?

  8. Wow! She's a spunky little one, isn't she? Her pictures are all a little blurry because she's flying so fast!

  9. She looks so happy! I do have to compliment the publicist on her photography. She does an amazing job of catching Emily mid air.

  10. Great photography - your camera is obviously far better at capturing these moments than mine! All my action photos are too blurry to even contemplate posting! Love little miss Emily. ;o)

  11. We think Emily has springs in her feet! She's a happy little kid that's for sure!

  12. Once they discovered the spools, it sure was game on!

  13. Awesome pictures of Emily flying!

  14. And she is adorable!!! All that in one tiny black goat. :)

  15. Will Oaks - I think everyone should have an Emily.

    Carolyn - and I suspect be a bit bigger.

    Melodie - she does like to play for the camera/

    jaz - I think the last thing Emily needs is a trapeze!

    Heather Cherry - I think you have nailed it

    Daisy - mais certainment!

    Aunt Vicki - it makes it quite easy, actually.

    Cute - she IS always in motion.

    Anne - thank you. She is easy to take photos of.

    Split Rock - it has an "action" setting. It helps. some

    BeadedTail - Whee! I can only imagine how high she would fly with springs in her feet.

    blueviolet - you know it!

    SL - thank you. I love to watch the kids.

    Lin - supergoat, eh?

  16. Too funny! I didn't know goats spent so much time airborne. We had one once, but we think she must have been ill, right from the start because she was too quiet and finally just died one night.

  17. mmm I think my goats need some spools!!

  18. Emily is gifted and talented. I'm sure all the goats are, but wow, she's a baby goat prodigy!


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