Sunday, October 18, 2009

Emily Dances

I am an old goat but that doesn't mean I don't remember what it was like to be a kid. I can think back to the days when I had no worries and all I had to do all day was run and play. It was long, long ago but having the new kids here reminds me of those fun days.

Especially little Emily. It has been so long since we have had a little doe on the Farm it is nice for me to have girl here.  She is just full of joy. She has discovered the fun of jumping on the goathouse as you know and she recently jumped all the way up on the spools! Go Emily!

The other day she was going the goat dance of joy all over the pen. It was a delight to see. She started on the little goathouse

and soon moved to the spools. They are taller and she can leap between them!

She danced to the back

She danced to the front

And then she leapt all around. Isn't she cute?

I think I could watch her dance all day long.

Tomorrow: Goatucation


  1. Emily is so cute doing her little goat dance. I could watch her all day, too!

  2. So much energy!If there was a law against cuteness Emily would be in serious trouble!Good thing there's not,she is too cute to be an outlaw!

  3. To bad we can't harness cuteness as a power sorse,it would mean more grain for everybody

  4. Wouldn't it be great to have that energy? Sigh. She's so adorable.

  5. Wheee! Emily makes me want to run around outside in the leaves and jump and swirl. But I think I'll settle for a nice brisk walk.

  6. Emily is adorable!! She is so energetic doing all that dancing!

  7. From one old goat to another ... I'm jealous of Emily's energy!

  8. AWWW!!!
    Visiting from SITS. Have a great day.

  9. I love seeing the goat Dance of Joy!

  10. What a cute, adorable goat kid! She sure looks like she is having fun.

  11. Aww, I can't wait to have kids around.

  12. Those photos were so cute. I would love to see a video of Emily dancing.

  13. Emily's dance makes us smile real big!

  14. you do sort of watch her all day long!!! i fantasize about living your life!

  15. Split Rock - I know! She is a joy!

    Melodie - you are is a very good thing.

    Da Bean - what a great idea. Now figure it out!

    Cute - thank you.

    Statch - oh! Just think of the money I could earn if I COULD bottle it!

    JD - I think that is probably wise. You don't want your neighbors to think you are odd.

    SL - cute is good.

    Lin - she is so much fun to watch.

    aunt Vicki - the publicist says she knows all about being an old goat.

    Tonya - thank you for visiting my blog.

    Daisy - if you came to visit I would teach you the dance of joy!

    Jennifer - she is cute. Your new kid is cute too.

    Christy - they do add to fun on a Farm!

    Texan - the publicist says they distract her sometimes.

    blueviolet - thank you. I am so glad you come and visit my blog.

    Anne - the publicist needs to learn how to do that. But she has said it is hard to teach an old goat new tricks.

    BeadedTail - I am so glad my blog can make you smile

    jaz - right back at ya!

    Frogs - it's soft too! And no fleas!


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