Saturday, October 3, 2009

Butt, Butt, Butt

Things have been getting cooler which means we goats have been getting a bit frisky. I have to admit that I like it a bit on the cooler side. Even though I am an African goat, I don't like the heat. The publicist LOVES the hot weather - personally I think she is a little bit crazy.

With the chill in the air we run around more and have some butting erm, events.  It is good for the little ones to see how these go so they can learn.  Here is Jillian in fine form as she gets ready to butt Abby. (I am all for butting Abby.)

Then they connect! Ooooooh.

Those two go at it all the time. I have no idea why.

Don't they look intense?

Jillian was really feeling frisky that day; she even came after me! But I gave her my goat stare of death and she didn't butt me. Smart doe.

Tomorrow: How the little ones learned their butting lessons.


  1. Yep,cooler weather makes our goats frisky too!Way funner to watch than TV!

  2. I like the "Stare of Death"--I may have to use that on someone today.

  3. As the kiddies watch on!

    I'm with Lin, I think that "Stare of Death" could come in really handy. I wonder if it would work on my boss?

  4. The stare of death ... hmmm, wonder where you learned that trick Abby?

  5. My mom use to work at The Oregon State Fairgrounds when I growing up. I had the pleasure of running around and playing with all the animals. Goats were one of my favorites. I did get butted quite a bit, but it was so much fun. Have fun kids in your lesson.

  6. Do the goats hurt each other with all that butting. I have been employing the stare of death since I had kids, and really since I had ex husbands.

  7. Melodie - I don't watch this TV of which you speak but I do know that watching the kids is pretty exciting.

    Lin - it is pretty useful. I have not found it to work on the publicist though....

    Cute - yes, the kids did watch and learn. heh heh

    Aunt Vicki - you must remember that I am Abby's nanny. That is a sad thing to state, I know. But mothers and daughters no matter the species.

    missbreezysbox - I think I would have to agree that goats are best ;)

    Jen - we can sometimes give each other a bit of a goat headache. It's the bucks that can really hurt each other if they go at it too much. That is why the publicist would watch them carefully.

  8. Are they sparring over a man, perhaps?

  9. I did not realize the ladies got so into butting too. Ok I get it now!

  10. I will tend to give Doodah a good butt,for good measure.

  11. They really do kinda wind up for the head butts, don't they?

  12. Jillian takes her butting seriously doesn't she? She winds up and let's go!

  13. Frogs - could be, that Luke is one handsome buck.

    Julia - oh, yes. We sure do!

    Da Bean - I hope it is a gentle butt.....

    blueviolet - we take our butting very seriously!

    BeadedTail - oh, yes. She is a very good butter.

  14. Pricilla! What's wrong! There's no Sunday post! AAAAAAH!


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