Friday, October 9, 2009

The Battle!

As things ended yesterday we saw that Mallory had entered into the fray.....

Emily was enjoying herself on the little goat house and it seems that Mallory was not going to let her keep it to herself. It was quite a battle given that Emily is a little goat and Mallory is a big goat.

But Emily was not going to give in easily.

Mallory butt her off several times.

In fact Mallory thought she had won, but what is this?

That's right, a little goat face at the back!

 Emily kept coming

and coming

and coming

Until Mallory finally gave up and left. 

Emily then celebrated by doing her goat dance of joy on the top of the goat house!

Hmmm, did she stay there all alone?

Tune in tomorrow to see.


  1. Giggling at goats during breakfast. YOur posts make my morning meal more fun.

  2. Emily,the little queen of the goat yard!

  3. queen of the hill!!! go emily!!!!

  4. It sounds like watching these guys play is as fun as a couple of cats playing around!! Here, my little cat is half the size of the big one...but she often wins the battles!

  5. Emily!

    You, go(at), girl! I love those action shots of you getting butted off but never giving in.

    You are my hero!

  6. That story was fabulous! I loved that the kid conquered the kennel! Definitely a smile maker for me this morning.

  7. Dancing Queen is the Queen of the mountain... er, um... Queen of the Goat House!

  8. That is one persistent little goat! Go Emily!

  9. Oh yes, Little Emily reminds me so of Miracle Eve. Little can mean big, too!
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Emily is a go getter! She doesn't give up! Yay Emily!

  11. blueviolet - thank you for commenting again. I am sorry for the Farm kitten's erm, typing.

    Carolyn - I am glad I can give you a giggle.

    Melodie - she is indeed. And I am not sure Abby is happy about it.

    jaz - Emily is enjoying her time in the sun.

    Will Oaks - the kids are like kittens in how they play. It makes for fun entertainment around here.

    Daisy - she sure is. Just like you!

    JD - I will tell Emily what you said. I know she will be happy.

    Julia - I am glad you enjoyed the story. I have fun making them up.

    Cute - Maybe we should rename her Queenie!

    Statch - she is that. You should see her when the hay comes out.

    Ga.Farmwoman - maybe it's something to do with black and white goats.

    BeadedTail - persistence pays off is right!!

  12. Way to go Emily! Persistence does pay off.


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