Friday, October 2, 2009

AbbyDay - Update on the New Farm Kitten

It's Friday so you know what that means!

It's AbbyDay! Hooray! I love AbbyDay and I think all days should be all about me!  I will start with a gorgeous photo of well, ME!

I had to get that in because the publicist has told me I must tell you about the new Farm Kitten. Why, I don't know. What do I care about the new Farm Kitten? I haven't even met the stupid thing. But anyway....the publicist introduced us when I came in to type the blog. I mean, it's OK. It's small. It's cute. It's a cat.

It's not ME!

The male person brought this kitten home for the publicist since she was so sad over losing Farm Cat Fred. She has updated things on her blog but not everyone reads that so she wanted to put some new photos and let everyone know the kitten's name. Why it had to be on MY DAY I have no idea......

Aaaaannnnywwwwaaaay. The new kitten likes to climb both the male person and the publicist. It sits on their shoulders and then observes, ocassionally offering advice by way of a loud "MEOOOOOW!" Due to the climbing and helping the kitten has been named Sherpa. Heh heh.

Doesn't Sherpa look cute while supervising the morning coffee making?

Sherpa also likes to nap on the male person. The publcist is starting to wonder who's kitten this is!

This picture is so cute it deserves being shown on both blogs.

Sherpa has really brought a lot of joy to the publicist. She has been a bit sad and the kitten makes her laugh. A lot. The male person was very romantic to bring her this present.

Now, enough of that. I will end with another photo of ME! After all, it IS AbbyDay!

Tomorrow: Butt, Butt, Butt


  1. I know where that kitten learned to jump on things.......

    Sorry, Abby, but that is one ADORABLE face! And I like how Dad isn't fond of kitties, but sucks it up for Sherpa. It's very big of him to put on such a show for everyone. ;)

  2. Abby, it wouldn't be Abby day without numerous photos of you, but I appreciate your sharing your day with Sherpa. He is absolutely adorable. I was trying to convince my husband that we needed another cat, but we are getting another dog instead. I hope our dog will be as endearing as Sherpa (and you, of course).

  3. Ohhhh. I love little Sherpa. And I'm so glad she's making the publicist feel happy. Of course, she's only very cute, whereas YOU, Abby, are BEAUTIFUL!

    Happy Abby Day!

  4. Sherpa is sooooo cute! (Not quite as cute as you of course, Abby). I like his name, too.

  5. Furry love going out to Sherpa. And to Abby too. He's had lots of help learning to leap.

  6. Abby, you are very cute and it was very nice of you to share your day with Sherpa! He is an adorable kitten and it's so nice he makes the publicist laugh again!

  7. Sherpa is going to fit in so perfectly at your house. I can see why she makes you so happy. She's really a little love.

  8. Lin - I have heard that you have an orange cat too so you WOULD like this new Farm kitten.

    Anne - cats are bad enough but we goats do not like dogs. They chase us.

    JD - it is indeed good to have a happy publicist. I am glad you understand who is the beauty around here.

    Daisy - thank you. For a cat you are very nice.

    Secondary Roads - I'll teach him to leap all right.....

    BeadedTail - I thank you for recognizing my sacrifice..

    blueviolet - the publicist does love the little thing. He sits with her at night and purrs.

  9. Wow, you are so lucky right now to have all these baby animals in your life, Publicist!! I'm jealous! I just love baby animals and your new kitten has a very cute face!

  10. Sherpa is too cute. And what a fun name!

    When Pimp was little, he'd always get on my shoulder like that... we used to call him a parrot.

    Abby, gorgeous as always. ;)

  11. Sherpa is adorable. She seems to be making herself right at home.

  12. How kind of you Abby to share the happiness that the kitten brings to the publicist! AFter all she brings you water! That kitten better start getting friendlier with the publicist or i see another kitten finding a new home.


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