Friday, October 16, 2009

AbbyDay - It's MY Corn

I am happy to report that AbbyDay is happening this week just when AbbyDay should be happening. So all is right with the goat world. At least on the Happy Goat Farm.  I am very pleased to report that it has gotten much warmer around these parts in the last few days. I have to admit that while I don't mind the cold as much as old, fussy Pricilla, I think it was a bit early for 4*.

The publicist, as usual, has been giving us some tasty treats from the old, tired garden. She still won't let us run around in there. I don't understand why - the chickens are in there all the time. If they can go eat everything, why can't I? Aren't I as important as a chicken?

Well, anyway....the other day the publicist brought us some yummy corn stalks. I do love me some corn stalk. The dried corn leaves are yummy too.  I enjoyed munching away on this treat as you can see.

That little Jeffrey tried to horn in my treat but I gave him a little (uh-hem) butt and he went a touch airborne and then went on his way.  Hey! They were MY corn stalks!

I know Pricilla thinks she is the only one that has any claim on Luke the goat. HA! Little does she know! I have my eye on him too. He is a cutie pie. (Don't tell Pricilla, OK?)

But this is AbbyDay which is all about ME! So I will end with a photo of.....ME!

I think it shows off my horns very nicely.

I hope you enjoyed having AbbyDay when it should be. I know I did.

Tomorrow:  Jeffrey puts his hooves down.


  1. I'm glad AbbyDay is on time,it is not fair to have it moved. MMMMMM corn............

  2. luke is one lucky goat....or will be in a few months anyway!!!

  3. Abby, you are always so much fun! I am glad you enjoyed your corn. I don't blame you for pushing Jeffrey out of the way. Let him get his own corn.

    I have to say that I think friends are more important than a man. You and Pricilla shouldn't fight over Luke.

  4. That Luke must be very special. To have two such gorgeous goats wanting him so badly ...

  5. Fun blog.

    Visiting from uprinting forum and N Ireland :)

  6. Oh, Abby... do you really need ALL those corn stalks? You couldn't spare a little for him? :)

  7. Happy AbbyDay! In lieu of tasty cornstalks, I will be celebrating with pumpkin whoopie pies. And I will definitely BUTT anyone who tries to get in my way.

  8. AbbyDay is on AbbyDay this week! Yay! Those stalks do look really good Abby but couldn't Jeffrey have a few? Does Luke know that all the girls swoon over him?

  9. Tell Pricilla I don't need another boy to like! I have my own crush! *sigh*

  10. Thank you for the comment!, are goats really good with weed-eating? I might invest in one this summer. I'm tired of straining my forearms. ;)

  11. Da Bean and Melodie - I am glad you both appreciate me. Da Bean, I would share my corn with YOU.

    jaz - Luke is studly.

    Pooba - I am glad someone understands me.

    Anne - but Pricilla thinks she OWNS Luke. Pffftt.

    Aunt Vicki - I think I am the special one.

    JanMary - thank you for visiting my blog. The publicist is half Irish.

    Cute - he had his own. He didn't need mine.

    JD - the publicist likes the sound of your whoopie pies.

    BeadedTail - just look at him!

    Cici - heh heh

    Rachel Belle - thank you for visiting my blog. We goats like to eat lots of weeds. And you need two of us - at least.

  12. if you click on the mrs. b's button at the top on my sidebar it will take you to today's contest, the 17th day. it should be there early this morning. you will see a bunch of pumpkins, i am assuming my bag will be behind pumpkin #1. click on it and then i think you just leave a comment on my blog for today. then you go back to her blog and join to follow and leave a comment. she has a very busy blog but somewhere on there she has all the instructions.

  13. Abby, you're trying to horn in on Luke? Oh my.

  14. I love Abby days! Looks like the corn stalks were enjoyed all around!


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