Sunday, October 11, 2009

AbbyDay Delayed - I am Not a Happy Goat!

What is this? Delaying my AbbyDay!? I get one day a week on this blog and I get pushed aside for the kids! This is not acceptable. Am I not fun to look at? Am I not cute? Pffffttttt!

Well, when the publicist came out to get me to write the blog, I showed her exactly how I felt.

I let her know that she should not take my day on the blog so lightly. I just ate my hay and told her to stuff it.

But you know, even in telling the publicist off, those kids can't help but get in the picture.

*sigh* I am just going to go in the goat house and eat my hay in peace. 

 I would think after this the publcist won't put MY day off again!

The publicist would like to let you know that she is giving away Custom Greeting Cards on her blog. The giveaway ends on Monday night so if you would like to enter, do it soon!

Tomorrow: Goatucation and Happy Columbus Day to all of my US readers.


  1. Poor Abby! It must be terrible having those adorable kids around all the time, and everyone oohing and awing over them. Hey, I'm 50 and no one oohs and aws over me anymore's a tough life.

  2. Poor Abby! Kids always get in the way. : )

  3. Lol!

    Thank you for stopping by on my special day!

  4. I'm sorry, Abby! Maybe the publicist will make it up to you and give you an extra-special day. Maybe TWO days!

  5. Abby, you are right to give her the Back of Disrespect. Or is that the Butt of Disrespect?

  6. Maybe you should get an AbbyWeek to make up for it!

  7. hmmmm...abby behaves just like i do on a bad day!

  8. hehe....pumpkins will be purchased on the return trip.......well, not entirely true. i bought one tonight and put it on the porch of the rented house here. my present house is an 1874 victorian money pit. they are never satiated!

  9. Oh, Abby! Don't feel upstaged by those kids... they can't help it if they're tiny and adorable and fuzzy and hoppy and cute and so much fun to read about.


    You show them who's boss on the next Abby Day!

  10. Statch - I am glad you understand my dilemma. I deserve my day on MY DAY.

    Pam - that's right. They have all week. Leave my day alone.

    Yaya - that was Pricilla. I only get one day on this stupid blog.

    JD - like that would happen. I'm lucky I get my one day.

    Daisy - It's the Butt of disrespect. You get me too.

    blueviolet - I will do my blog on my day and that's that.

    BeadedTail - a goat can dream!

    jaz - heh heh. I have heard you are a pumpkin buying fool.

    Frogs - I am the queen of goat 'tude.

    Cute - you got it!


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