Friday, October 30, 2009

AbbyDay - Abby in the Garden

Hooray for AbbyDay! The best day of the week!

Now if you ask me I had the best time in the garden. I don't know what those other goats were thinking but I went and nibbled at the tastiest treats to be found. I am a master nommer!

 I munched

I gobbled

I ripped the dead plants right out of the ground! Boy were they good.

The little kids were watching me. 
I hope they learned something.

It was good to chow down in the garden. I wish we could do it every day!

Tomorrow:  Did the kids learn from Abby?


  1. a goat would be perfect. come on over and stealth graze for a day!!! or a month! one of the reasons that teddy settles everything with her teeth is because her breeder should have kept her a bit longer so she could have learned from her mother about not biting. it would have helped a lot if she had learned that little lesson!

  2. I chow down in my garden every day, all day. It's called my refrigerator. Oh, and the pantry. And the cupboards. I eat a lot.

  3. Mmm-hmmm,that's what I like!A girl friend who knows how to eat!

  4. LOL at "Goaty" Kathy!

    Abby, I enjoy seeing a girl enjoy her foods!

  5. It's amazing that you can keep such a girlish figure with all that nomming!

  6. Good Abby! What a fine example for the kids.

  7. it's deathrow marv.....nobody fries the hulk! you could all dress up in your nanny panties!

  8. Those kids are sure paying attention to you Abby. Hope they learned something!

  9. If they didn't learn from that, they'll never learn... ;)

    Expert nomming for sure, Abby!

  10. Yuo thikn you are so samrt dno't yuo?

    (LOL your comment made me laugh)

  11. Hope you didn't get a tummy ache :)

  12. Goats are really little piggies at heart!

  13. This post made me hungry. For dead weeds!!!

  14. jaz - if we weren't so far away we would surely come over and munch in your garden.

    Goaty Kathy - you made the publicist laugh. Thank you for visiting the blog.

    Melodie - I am Abby. I do everything right.

    Daisy - I do know how to enjoy foods. Even foods other goats are eating.

    Pooba - that's right. I would be luckier though if I were an only goat...well me and Luke anyway.

    Sheryl - oh no. I know how to eat well.
    Thank you for visiting my,erm, Pricilla's blog.

    blueviolet - well, wouldn't you be if you had 4 stomachs?

    JD - you would be surprised how good dried weeds tasted!


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