Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

It's tough being a kid


  1. Yes it is Pricilla. Yes it is...

  2. awwwww..precious as ...well..I would say lambs but thats not appropriate. LOL.

  3. Hey, I believe it IS tough. They have to keep moving ever so slightly to stay in the sun. Poor kids!

  4. I want to lie in the sun and relax. I'm jealous.

  5. if reincarnation exists then when i die i want to come back and be a goat on your farm. and i promise i will never butt you or knock you down!

  6. Geez. Someone give these goats a break already. Look at how hard they're working! They deserve a nice nap.

    Oh... wait. I see.

    Well, napping is hard work!

  7. We just can't imagine how hard it is to be a cute kid on the farm! Rough life!

  8. Some days I feel like that myself!

  9. Yeah, life is tough relaxing in the shade there. They are just too cute!

  10. Da Bean - You would know ;)

    Jenny Mac - well, we must keep to our species.

    JD - it's a small price to pay...

    Melodie - so does the publicist!

    Frogs - it seems given your recent injury you might be having a few relaxing days, yes?

    jaz - the publicist always said she wanted to come back as one of her house cats for about the same reason.

    Cute - I am glad you see that. Not everyone understands just HOW hard it is!

    BeadedTail - cute does not come easy. It takes WORK.

    Daisy - I think they are resting up to rest up.

    blueviolet - the publicist understands that completely

    Pooba - thank you. They are my grandkids so I will take your compliment.

    Theresa - it's a goat's life here on the Farm. And we LOVE it.

  11. Like my frogs, they look like they are enjoying the last of the warm sunshine before it gets really cold. They are soooo sweet!

  12. it's hard to see where the cat ends and the goat begins.


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