Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Goodbye my boys! Enjoy your new Farm!

(A note from the publicist:  Luke really stood and watched the truck with Kevin and Harry leave. He trotted beside it as it backed out and he Maaaaed as it left.)

Tomorrow: More treats for us!


  1. Awwww. Goats are cute. My grandma used to have one when I was a little girl. I bet you miss them!

  2. How sad. To say good-bye is hard for all species.
    Sara Cat

  3. geeeze...just when i thought my heart couldn't break anymore!!!!! Maaaaaaa!!!

  4. so sad ... but the boys are off to a new adventure!

  5. Aw, Luke... Don't worry, they're going to a good place and they still get to play with each other and hop around.

    What a great moment to catch in this picture.

  6. You're taking this a lot better than I am. sobs Good-bye, young goatlings! I know they'll be happy and well-looked after, but . . .

  7. I'm speechless. I couldn't do it if I were you. I'm gonna go and have a good cry now.

  8. That is so sad! My dogs mama cried when we took her boy too. Sad.

  9. Daisy - the publicist and the male person were very surprised at his behavior. He would always sniff the boys when they came to visit.

    Kitty - goats are cute! I must agree being one. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Sara Katt - thank you for visiting my blog. It is indeed sad to say goodbye but the boys are on a good Farm.

    jaz - it really was something to watch. He is a good daddy goat.

    Aunt Vicki - they are indeed. New kids soon!

    Cute - that's so right. This is why the publicist insisted that they go together.

    JD - the publicist is having her moments. She is not sure she is cut out to be a goat farmer....

    Jen - trust me. There have been many goat and human tears here.

    Cindy - thank you for visiting my blog. We animals know what is going on...

  10. That's actually really sweet that Luke reacted that way.

  11. That's what I mean by a "catch in the throat" moment. But perhaps you can visit?

  12. Oh, gees that is so sad! Will you quit already???! I'm boo-hooing over here. :(

  13. Luke, our mommy is leaky too. It's so sad seeing them go away.

  14. Oh no, now I'm leaky, too. We need a smile inducing post tomorrow!

  15. blueviolet - it was very sweet. The publicist and male person were very surprised.

    WillOaks - I know. They aren't too far away.

    Reese - I know. But things are getting back to normal.

    Lin - Tomorrow we get back to goats chowing down.

    BeadedTail - Things are getting better around here.

    SplitRock - it will be!


Maaaaaa away....


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