Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Around the Water Cooler

So did you see what those kids were up to? cluck cluck
I can't believe what some chickens will do for attention around here. cluck cluck
Tomorrow: The New Chicken House (the publicist confused my schedule. Silly publicist!)     


  1. Just like my office. I have me, 2 cats and a dog and the cats wont stop gossiping :).

  2. Gossip is the universal language of women of all species.

  3. What the cluck?!? You have to get a handle on that publicist... ;)

  4. Everyone likes to gossip around the water cooler!

  5. I can just hear them gossiping about the little ones too. Sheesh.

  6. I wonder what they're all gossiping about out there?

  7. Anne - the crazy chickens are always cluck, cluck clucking. I think they are talking about me.

    Carolyn - I think you are right.

    BeadedTail - how true, how true.

    Cute - I know! She keeps messing me up. I need to butt her.

    Daisy - at least they are laying eggs now and being productive.

    Lin - they seem to be protective of the kids. It's rather amusing.

    Debbie - I will tell the publicist you said so.

    Frogs - we are stealth goats. Bwahahahaha!

    blueviolet - the chickens are always clucking about something.


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