Thursday, September 17, 2009

WHO is Using the New Chicken House?

Winter is coming - did I just type that? Brrrrr! - and the male person has built a new chicken house for the chickens. This one has nesting boxes for the hens so they can start laying their eggs. The publicist was very excited yesterday when she came out to check our water and found an egg just lying on the ground! The chickens haven't figured out to lay their eggs in the nest boxes yet...but they will. This is the very first egg from the Happy Goats Farm:

 The new house is built so that the chickens have a nice roost and it has lots of ways to get light in for the chickens. It also has a nice little door with a ladder for the chickens to climb.

It also has grain. What is a goat to do but check it out?  Mallory gave it a good once over. I am not sure the chickens were happy about this.

Abby checked it out too.

Now of course you would NEVER see me doing something as undignified as eating out of a chicken house! 

 erm, burp. 

What can I say, grain is good! The publicist keeps yelling at us to stop eating the chicken's grain. We aren't THAT greedy....

I think it is going to be very interesting when the kids discover the ladder and start climbing it. Hahahahahaha!

Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay so you never know what is going to happen.


  1. Well you can't be expected not to"sample"the chicken grain!After all it is right there and really some one has to make sure that grain is good,wouldn't want to feed the chickens grain that wasn't tasty!You are actually doing them a service!

  2. I didn't know chickens liked climbing ladders. That's kinda funny.

    Those tricky goats are grain crazy.

    It sure looks like a nice new home and that egg is kinda pretty. :)

  3. That is one beautiful egg!!


  4. I want to see a chicken climb the ladder!

    That egg is GIGANTIC! And it looks like there is a secret message scratched into the side, too.

  5. That is like the most lovely egg I ever saw!

  6. I am thinking you will be finding kids in your nesting boxes :o)... That ladder going into that nifty house will be to much for a kid to resist :O)

  7. Gorgeous egg! I am certain the kidlets will be climbing that little ladder ...

  8. Hello, first egg! How will the chickens figure out to lay them in their nest boxes from now on? It just comes naturally to a chicken?

    (I'm picture a funny scenario of the publicist sitting in a nest to "teach" the chickens, haha!)

  9. did the egg get eaten yet? that ladder looks like the grain highway to heaven. welcome goatlings!

  10. Hehee the chickens are living better than me!!

  11. Hop on over to my blog....there is a surprise for you!

  12. Why is it shiny? did you wax it? Our chickens knew how to use the nestboxes right away, but that's cuz they grew up with them.

  13. What a beautiful egg!! The chicken house looks very nice too!

  14. I was waiting to see who was going to end up in the new chicken house! Hopefully the door is too small for certain goats!

  15. Melodie - thank you for being on my side in this. I am glad that someone is!

    blueviolet - I don't know if they LIKE climbing the ladder but it is the only way they can get into the chicken house. One climbed on me today! Harumph!

    Leanne - thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you. the chickens were quite proud.

    Daisy - hopefully the eggs will get bigger still. It does look like there is a message there. Hmmmm.

    Heather Cherry - why thank you. I will tell the chickens you said so.

    Texan - I just know the kids will be up there and I will never get them out!

    Aunt Vicki - I too know it. I hope the publicist gets pictures!

    Cute - I don't begin to understand the chickens. Neither does the publcist. Today's eggs were in the nest box. Yay!

    jaz - it did. That is why it is wet. It had been hardboiled and turned into egg salad for an appetizer for the male person. The publicist put the egg salad in a tomato cup for him. He loved it.

    AB - YOU have a nest box?! heh heh. Thank you VERY much for the nice post on your blog. I think goat accessories would be a big seller.

    Cici - our chickens are dumb. The publicist had hard boiled the egg and then decided she should take a photo of the first Farm egg.

    SL - thank you very much. The male person is very proud of it.

    Lin - we goats are very clever. heh heh

  16. The chicken's house is lovely. Our chickens suffer in an industrial container but they arent complaining. Or at least I can't hear them.

    And goats! STAY OUT OF THE COOP! Naughty goats.

  17. I'm glad you got to check everything out - you know, make sure it's safe and all. And besides - if the humans keep freaking out about you eating the grain, just give 'em a look over your shoulder and wait for them to go to bed. You are, after all, just making sure everything is grade A for the chickens. You want the humans to have the best chickens - and therefore, the best eggs - possible, right?

    Ehhh, humans. xx

  18. How did I know it was going to be goats? hmmmm....


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