Sunday, September 27, 2009

When Matthew met Stinky

It was bound to happen once the kids started going out for a graze. One of them was going to run into Stinky the cat. She usually lies in the dirt looking half dead. She isn't, she is just very relaxed.

Matthew approached slowly to give her a sniff.

Stinky sniffed back!

And there were no problems. They seemed to like each other and peace reigned on the Farm.

I was a little early in posting the link for Nanny Goats in Panties. So go check Emily's photos out - she looks very cute.

Tomorrow: Goatucation 'cause the publicist just can't keep my schedule straight.


  1. Little goat kiss will make any cat nicer.

  2. I can hear them talking,
    "Do you eat cats?"
    "Nope,do you eat goats?"
    "We're good then!"

  3. WHen I saw the picture on my side bar I thought OH NO DEAD CAT... But I know you would not post something like that. The kid is only a little bit bigger than that cat. Either they are just that small or your cat is giant!

  4. I also thought, "Dead Cat!" Whew...I was very happy to see that Stinky is alive and well...I'm glad that the kid and Stinky are being all nice-nice to each other! :)

  5. Smooches for Stinky and Matthew! How cute. Glad their meeting was a good one.

  6. Way to go--cross species love! And who could resist that adorable little goat??

  7. Gees, who do I love more--Stinky or Matthew?! I like the "meeting" shot!

  8. stinky seems to be very goat tolerant.

  9. Such a cute meeting between Stinky and Matthew! I think Melodie probably has the thought process down pat!

  10. I'm just so glad that they like eachother. They passed the sniff test. :)

    (I'm working backwards trying to read everything I missed when I was out of town.) I can't stand that I've missed a thing!


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