Friday, September 18, 2009

A Surprise

The publicist came into the barn this morning and she found a surprise. When she looked into Mallory and Jillian's pen there was a kid in the water bucket!  She rushed in the pen and got the kid out and was looking to see if it was Jeffrey or Emily.

That is when she found her second surprise.

It wasn't Jeffrey and it wasn't Emily.

Mallory had her kid in the middle of the night and she didn't let on to anyone that she was in labor!

So, please, everyone let's have a big, warm and DRY welcome to Matthew the goat!

He is ALL BLACK. There is not a bit of white on him anywhere.

Doesn't he have a cute little face?

Here he gets a bit confused about where he should be getting his milk. But that's OK, I don't mind.

I just want to give him a big lick! You can see that Mallory is a very protective nanny.

 This is a Farm just full of surprises, isn't it? Even the publicist doesn't always know what is going on!

Tomorrow: Kids, Kids and more Kids. Seriously!


  1. What a wonderful surprise! Matthew is adorable! Congratulations!

  2. Oooooh! What a GREAT surprise! A Matthew surprise.

    His face is precious. So many little kids running around! The publicist might need a goat-sitter to help out.

  3. Now that's the kind of surprise I like! I wonder if I'll find any goats in my shed today? I'm gonna check......

  4. Welcome, Matthew!

    What a handsome little goatlet you are! This must be one of the best surprises EVER!

  5. Awwww! That has to be the cutest surprise ever! What a striking little goat! :)

  6. He's completely precious! I just wanna snuggle him!

  7. Once again, too cute for words! I bet he's soft and snuggly too.

  8. A great goatie surprise !Now you will have the Three Musketeers of the goat yard!

  9. Congratulations to Mallory! Little Matthew is gorgeous!

  10. goats goats everywhere!!! how did he get in the bucket?

  11. What a beautiful baby goat he is!! Nice picture with Mallory and her baby Matthew. I'd say he's the Halloween trick but just a bit early. All kinds of babies now. Congratulations.

  12. ok now he is just cuteness!! of course I tend to say that about every new born kid I see LOL but no really he is very cute :O)...

    I think all of us goat people have a few surprises come our way LOL...

  13. Happy birthday, Matthew!! What a terrific surprise - how fun!

    I really want to know, Pricilla, how you manage to get such great surprises from the kids around the farm. My kids are just beasts!

    Any parenting suggestions? xx

  14. That sooo scared me for a minute. I thought maybe a kid dround. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWFUL!!! Thank goodness all is well and the baby is adorable as usual! It's funny that you started off with almost all white, had black and white and now black baby goats. What a transition. :)

  15. Wow, what a surprise! Congratulations. He's so cute and fluffy.

  16. How cute!! I would love a surprise of a goat :)


  17. BeadedTail - thank you. Yes, this was indeed a good surprise.

    Aunt Lynne - I agree. Would you like me to ship him to you?

    Cute - are you offering?

    Lin - you will probably find bullfrogs in your shed...heh heh

    JD - yes, this was a good surprise. Much better than apples even.

    Meri - I like baby goats so it was nice to have yet another one to lick.

    blueviolet - well, he DOES need a home.......

    Reese - you are so right.

    Aunt Vicki - he is very soft indeed. Just like a stuffed animal.

    Melodie - That is so true. I am sure that once Matthew gets his legs under him there will be no stopping the three of them.

    Daisy - I will tell Mallory you said so. I know she will be happy to hear so.

    jaz - we don't know if he fell in or was kicked in. It's a mystery!

    Belladonasjoy - I will tell Mallory. She loves to have her photo taken.

    Texan - I think you are right but it was scary for the publicist to find him in the bucket.

    Nanny Goats - thank you. I am a proud grandnanny.

    Queen - I am no expert - remember Abby is my kid and I have the worst trouble with her. All that butting!

    Julia - I know. We were scared too. It seems that Michael makes little black goats. All his babies now have been mostly black.

    Frogs - thank you. I suppose it's 'cause he was washed. heh heh

    SL - yes, that is a good surprise!

  18. OH! He is adorable. Welcome, Matthew. I wonder what psychoses he will grow up with from being dumped into a wet cold world!

  19. Nu huh! She just had her baby just like that? What a great surprise! I watched my father in law and his brother help a cow during delivery and it looked like a difficult job!


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