Friday, September 4, 2009

Shhhhhhhh! It's Me, Harry!

Don't tell anyone but I snuck in the trailer early so I could steal my mommy's day on the blog. I know she isn't going to be happy when she finds out - she will butt me I am sure -  but I think it's time that the kids are heard from around here. 

I also have a BIIIIIIIIIIG secret to tell. Ha ha ha!

Remember the pictures of Pricilla stuffing her face with carrot greens? She thought it was my mommy that called the paparazzi on her BUT IT WAS ME! 

That's right, me! 

I thought she looked so funny eating those carrot greens I got my chickenagent Blue Guy to contact the paparazzi to come take the photos.  This is how I did it:

Everyone thought I was innocently eating my carrot greens up on the spool. And I WAS eating the greens; I was just waiting for Blue Guy to get close enough so I could talk to him.

Boy, those carrot greens ARE good.  Nom, nom, nom!

Oh, I am getting away from my story. Blue Guy came over to get his instructions. I checked to make sure no one would see us talking.

Then I gave him the scoop.

He bowed down to tell me he knew what to do. Or he was eating something, I am not so sure. Either way he did get the job done.

 And then I leapt for joy! Knowing that I had fooled everyone in the goat pen. Even my mommy. Hahahahahaha!

 After that I just went to sleep in my carrot top pile knowing that the readers of the blog would have a happy post with great pictures.

 You are welcome!

Tomorrow: Corn! 


  1. What time did you get up to post this blog! So Harry is a fink.... His mother may start posting ads on line that there is a small goat for sale!

  2. My my...aren't we the sneaky one??

    Cute though. Cute as a bug's ear.
    I know for a fact that helps. Cute innocent looks. I know someone very similar named Miracle Eve. LOL..

    great pictures too

    Have a great day.

  3. You are a naughty goat. But I guess comes with being a kid!

  4. Good job, Harry! Maybe you could be a Secret Agent SpyGoat!

    I love your leaping for joy photo.

  5. harry, your jumping has perfect form. maybe you should enter yourself in the goat jump!!!!

  6. Harry, your jumping abilities are giving Kevin a run for his money.

  7. Harry, you and kevin and each of the bucks need a day on the blog. The boys should speak more!

  8. Good story telling. Did you get paid for the photos?

  9. You are one naughty kid Harry! We think you're going to get butted for sure when your mommy finds out what you did.

    We do like how you fold yourself up when you jump!

  10. I'm sure the chiken rooster boy was bowing!!

    I will try to stop by again later again today to drop my entrecard. It is being silly right now and not allowing me.

  11. Okay, now I've got a new name for your goat cheese business (if you have one!): Flying Goat Cheese!

  12. Sneaky...

    I think the leap for joy is my favorite. You really caught some air, Harry!

  13. Aunt Lynne - I think Harry likes to think he is clever. The publicist taught me about scheduled posts.

    ga.farmwoman - Harry says somewhat innocently that he isn't cute he is buckly.

    Carolyn - Yes, they must get it out of their systems, huh.

    Daisy - Maybe he and Harley could team together - they are the same colors.

    jaz - Little Harry is a leaper. He leaps here, he leaps there. He leaps everywhere.

    Julia - it is funny how each kid has a distinct personality.

    Cici - you sure are a proponent for someone other than ME writing the blog. Harumph!

    missbreezysbox - Harry is refusing to answer that question but he did run off to check a corner of the goat pen.....

    BeadedTail - Yes, he does have good form indeed. And Abby WAS NOT pleased.

    Reese - the publicist was a bit frustrated with entrecard today as well.

    Lin - thank you. That is quite amusing - and true!

    Cute - Sometimes the publicist gets a good shot.


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