Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mystery Solved!

Yes indeed. The mystery of what exactly Jillian was carrying has been revealed:

 Aren't they just the cutest little kids? Well, I of course  think my Kevin is the cutest kid but these two are adorable.

They were born on September 11th at about 8PM MDT which the publicist and male person really appreciated. That way they weren't up too late waiting for kids.

This doe came first; her name is Emily.

Here is a close up of her little face all cleaned up. She is almost all black except for a white splotch on one side that leads to a ring of white all around her belly.


This buck came second; his name is Jeffrey.

 He looks remarkably like Abby's daughter Nora. Michael was Nora's father too.

(This is Nora - you can see Jeffrey more clearly in the photo at the top of the post. The publicist is holding him. He has the same white splotch on his head.)

 Jillian is proving to be a very good nanny. Don't they make a happy family?

Of course there will be lots of pictures in the coming days. And with Mallory due in the next couple of weeks we will be drowning in kids.

So there you have it; Jillian had TWINS - a doe and a buck. I will put all of the right guesses in the grain bucket and pick a winner. I will let you know who won tomorrow! Thanks for playing everyone.

Tomorrow - A winner is named and pictures of the new kids playing.


  1. They're just absolutely adorable! What a happy little family. :)

  2. Oh, they are just so sweet--Congrats!!

  3. harry and kevin who????/ i LOVE the twins!!!! you live in goat heaven!!

  4. Cuteness just cuteness! Congrats!

  5. Uh, you men 12th, cus otherwise it would have been before the contest! Awww, Emily! I love you!

  6. Aw, gees, I'm in goat heaven!! Give them a big smooochie from me and the gang over here. Wish I was there to see them in person!

  7. Hooray for twins! Congratulations!

  8. Happy day!!!!!!!!!!!They are so cute!!!!What a wonderful little gaotie family!

  9. Way too cute for mere words! Baby goats look like lots of fun!

  10. How long do you leave kids on your farm?

  11. They are soooooooooooo cute!! My Nigerian Dwarf will have babies in 2 months.

  12. Drat! I missed out on the guessing fun! Well they are great and I am glad they came during human waking hours. Those after hour births are tough on humans. Congrats!!! I hope they hop like the other boys too.

  13. They are so adorable. Does Emily get to stay on the farm or will she lighten someone else's life too?

  14. blueviolet - they are indeed. Jillian is being very protective

    Sue - thank you. They are my grandkids!

    Pam - thank you. I am a proud grandnanny.

    jaz - yes, we are all happy to have kids on the Farm again. It provides lots of smiles.

    Texan - thank you for visiting my blog. It is a happy day.

    Cici - no they were born on the 11th. I am just a goat ahead of my time and I had a post ready to go for Saturday the 12th so I let it go.

    Lin - I will do that. Actually I have been licking them quite a bit. A goat loves to lick baby goats.

    Daisy - thank you! Isn't it nice they were born on your Mommeh and Daddeh's anniversary?

    Melodie - yes it is. And more coming soon. I hope they don't take over my stall in the barn!

    Aunt Vicki - they are. And now you are a Great Aunt Vicki!

    Meri - thank you! I think you need a goat!

    Cici - usually around 2 months until they are weaned. Why - do you want the twins?

    a kik - thank you for visiting my blog. Congratulations! Kids are such fun.

    Julia - I am sorry you missed the fun. I know you are working hard. They surprised all of us.

    Anne - Both will be going to another Farm. This is the hard part of goat farming....

  15. So sweet. After two boys you finally got a girl!


  16. They are adorable! Congratulations Jillian!

  17. So cute!! Congratulations on TWINS!!

  18. Yay! A matched set. Congratulations.

  19. Congratulations Gillian!! good to see they are both healthy little kidlets :)

  20. Oh my gosh! If those aren't the cutest things ever.

  21. Yaaaaay! Welcome to the world, Emily and Jeffrey! Can't wait to watch you grow up!

    Congrats Jillian -- you did GREAT! :)

  22. Congratulations, they are adorable. I still miss Kevin but I'm sure I will grow to love these two cuties and the others that are on the way.

  23. Carolyn - yes, it is nice to have another girl around the Farm.

    BeadedTail - thank you. Jillian is very proud.

    SL - thank you. Lots more kid to love.

    Reese - they rather match you too, eh?

    Annette - thank you. Jillian is so appreciative of your good wishes. How are things across the pond there?

    Debbie - I have to agree. They are cute!

    Frogs - they will be looking for a home soon.....Junior would love them!

    Cute - thanks so much. Jillian is very happy.

    Jen - It is hard on the Farm because the kids have to leave but it is nice because we always have new ones.

  24. Congratulations on Emily and Jeffrey! They are so sweet and cute. I'm so glad everyone is doing well.

  25. Marlene - thank you. Two can be better than one. heh heh

    JD - Yes, they are. They are drinking lots of milk and I even say Emily try some hay!

  26. Pooba - thanks for your good wishes. We are all excited around here.


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