Monday, September 14, 2009

The Kids First Day Out

Goatucation is postponed today because I am sure that you all just want to see more photos of Emily and Jeffrey. Goatucation will return next Monday.

Jillian finally brought the two babies out of the goat house for a walk in the sun. Of course their little legs are still a bit wobbly but they had fun.

I had to go over and check them out, of course. I love the smell of new kid. And of course I still miss my Kevin.

 Jillian is a very watchfull nanny. She doesn't let them wander very far from her yet. That will come in time. I tried to lick the babies but Jillian didn't like that too much.

Doesn't little Emily look like an Oreo cookie?


 It is definitely good to have kids on the Farm again. Everyone is happier and there are lots more smiles.  And I am sure you want to know who won the guessing contest!  There were four people who guessed correctly so I put their names in the grain bucket and picked one out. It was hard for me not to eat the paper, but I was good! The winner is:

Anne!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

But we also have a special prize for AB Home Interiors for guessing that there would be two black and white goats! For indeed there were!

The publicist will be getting in touch with both winners so she can mail you your samples of my rich soap.  Thanks to everyone for playing.

Tomorrow - More kids, what else?!


  1. Hehee... I think we share some similarities Pricilla.

  2. What a sweet little cookie. I could eat her up.

  3. How adorable!

    I think Jillian should've let you give a helpful little lick. You were being very thoughtful.

    Yes, Emily does look like an Oreo. I want to eat her up!

  4. Baby goats make every day a good day!!!They are just soo cute!

  5. Too cute -- it's good to have baby goats on the farm again!

  6. That little oreo is adorable! Glad that everyone arrived safely.

  7. Oh they are so cute!! Yay, can't wait for more photos.

  8. awwww, they are so adorable and I love their names. I can see why just being around them makes everybody happier! Suddenly I'm craving Oreos... but I did go off refined sugar last week - I don't think it's related to your mention of them:)

  9. they are too cute. i want to live with you so i can just play with goats all day. emily looks like one of those black cows that have the white stripes around their middle!

  10. They are just TOOOOO cute. I want to play!

  11. They are so cute. It must be so nice to have little kids around again. Can't wait to see what antics those two get into.

  12. A little oreo..that's so cute! I can only imagine what antics await us with these two.

  13. They are so adorable! I look forward to lots of photos. Don't be offended Pricilla. New moms are often overprotective. She just needs to learn to appreciate your valuable experience.

  14. Dang! I missed the contest!

    I am loving the kids!

    Just curious, do you make your own goat cheese? Do you drink goat milk???

  15. So cute!!
    I got the publicists package today and was pleasantly surprised by a sample of your rich soap too! It smells awesome!

  16. Yup that's right. Give it UUPPP for AB HOME Interiors!! The all knowing GODDESS of goat farming....LOL!! TOO freakin cute!!!!

  17. Oh, too cute!! The kids are adorable!

  18. Awwww, the little Oreo cookie is just too adorable!

  19. They are very, very cute! Emily does look like an oreo... how funny.

    I'm sure Jillian will let you help out soon -- just as soon as she realizes twins are double the work!

  20. The Publicist apologizes for my being late in answering comments....

    Priscilla - thank you for visiting my blog. I think it is nice that we have the same name!

    Carolyn - the publicist is hoping the white stays 'cause she does look so cute this way.

    JD - I think so too but she is not letting me get too close. I think she suspects I want to keep one. Now would I do that? heh heh

    Melodie - You are correct. Baby goats are about the cutest little things ever.

    Aunt Vicki - You are so right!

    Lenox Knits - thank you. We are happy about that as well. Kidding is serious business.

    Theresa - I am sure the publicist will be taking lots of photos. She is a sucker for little goats.

    Reese - I would think that if you joined them no one would notice as you would blend in, color wise. heh heh

    jaz - the publicist was thinking about those cows too. We seem to have a thing for cowgoats on this Farm.

    JennyMac - you can come play anytime you would like. As long as you don't mind goat poop.

    Jen - they are already trying to climb the chicken ladder....

    blueviolet - it is never quiet when there are kids around. Human or goat, right?

    Small Town Mommy - I know, but I just miss Kevin so I want to lick up the new kids so much!

    Grand Pooba - the publicist and male person do drink my rich milk. The publicist makes lots of cheese. She has nine wheels of hard cheese in her refrigerator now and will be making more. She also makes feta, chevre and ricotta. Plus my rich soap! She is busy....

    SL - she always sends a sample with every jewelry purchase (or win for that matter) She is glad you liked your earrings.

    AB - I am glad you are so happy about winning. I like to make people happy.

    BeadedTail - Even though they are not mine I am having fun with them.

    Nanny Goats - she is indeed. She probably should have been named Milk and Cookies or something like that. heh heh

    Cute - Jillian is starting to relax...a little. I am sure she will as time goes on. These ARE her first kids.

  21. SOOOO adorable!!! I love baby animals. :)


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