Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Kids' Day

It is nice having kids around the Farm again. I must admit. Even thought they aren't mine they are my grandkids so I am enjoying them. Little Matthew is still very young and not doing much; in fact sometimes he is pretty hard to find!  Today we found him hiding behind the door panels for the goat house. He was taking a nap in the shade.

 Jeffrey and Emily took their afternoon nap with their nanny under the chicken tractor.

It's a rough life for a little goat, isn't it?

It cooled down a little later in the day and Jeffrey and Emily got a little bit frisky with their mommy. They were climbing all over her - and she didn't seem to mind one bit! 

Of course we nanny goats never mind what our kids get up too. You will remember that my Kevin tried to surf on me.

Emily and Jeffrey played like this for quite a while and then Emily started to fall....


Boy was she dusty after she got up. 

Poor little goat. But it didn't seem to bother her any as you will see tomorrow. 
When Emily and Jeffrey get stumped.


  1. So do your goats have babies year-round? My girls are only seasonal.

    Sweet little ones. It's hard to photograph black goats, you seem to have got the hang of it :)

  2. i know i say this all the time but you live in goat heaven. someday i wish the publicist would write her story and tell how she came to live on a goat farm after all her travels!

  3. Patience is a virtue. Especially when being a goat.

  4. Oh my goodness, it's so cute that there are two of them (well, three, but we'll give little Matthew a few weeks to catch up) playing around together. The publicist is going to have her hands full!

  5. I also agree the publicist should write her story! The babies are adorable, and what a surprise about Matthew...

  6. i got a pumpkin redware plate. and the halloween sign has a pumpkin on the guys head! secret: the only reason i didn't buy every pumpkin i saw was because the car was too far away and my market basket was too small. if that wagon full off pumpkins had been for sale i probably would have driven home with it hitched to the back of my car!!!

  7. ps...teddy is not great. she is not showing any signs of improvement. i don't know how long it takes a healing ACL to show improvement. this has been a nightmare. someone asked me if my husband was in trouble. i told them, no. because i killed him. he is dead now. he is the one that put her in the car without the A/C working. death is too good for him!

  8. Oh, how fun to have twins hopping about! And that little Matthew--he is soooo cute! He looks like he would be really soft.

  9. I think it must be extra fun for them to have each other to play with!

  10. They look like they are having way too much fun! I wish I was a goat sometimes.

  11. It looks like so much fun to be a kid on your farm!

  12. Carolyn - we Nigerian Dwarf goats go into heat year round. The Toggenburgs are the same. The publicist would not ordinarily have us having kids at this time of year. Jillian and Mallory were not treated well at their old Farm so when they came to us and got on good food they came into heat. Abby and I have our dates with Luke in December and January so our kids are born in late Spring so we don't have to worry about cold weather.

    jaz - it is goat heaven. Monday's goatucation will answer your questions.

    Julia - we goats are rather light on patience. heh heh

    Margo - then tune in on Monday!

    Cute - she already does!

    jaz - we are all very sorry about Teddy. We think about her. Perhaps it is good your market basket was small. You might have needed a truck to bring everything home.

    Lin - all of the kids are very soft. Like velvet.

    blueviolet - they do like to play together but Mallory is still being very protective and is trying to keep Matthew away from Jeffrey and Emily. Silly Mallory.

    Jen - so does the publicist.

    BeadedTail - the kids are just a TOUCH spoiled.

  13. Lovely...thanks for sharing! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

  14. They are so cute! No wonder they are tired, all that climbing and jumping. It looks exhausting to be a baby goat.


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