Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's That Time Sniff, Sniff

Yes, I must report that the time has come for the kids to leave the Farm.  It was a very sad day for us all. We will miss little Harry and I especially miss my Kevin. I knew this day was coming as I knew my boy was growing big and strong and he needed to go out on his own to his new new Farm but it doesn't make it any easier. I am sure all of you human parents understand how I feel.

His new Farm is very nice; it is much bigger than our Farm so he has lots of land for lazy grazing. He will have a little friend there too as there is already a Nigerian dwarf doe there. He will also have children to play with him so I know he will have lots of fun days ahead of him.

It is good for him to grow and move on but I want to reminisce about him here in photos. I hope you don't mind.

He was so cute when he was little.

And then he had his hopping stage...which he never really grew out of.

He would rest every now and then but in very strange places.

He was so funny when he was learning to walk on a lead.

And lately he continued to make us laugh by making the publicist into a goat spool!

I know we will all miss him but know as I do that he IS happy on his new Farm.  So bye - bye my little kid. Grow big and strong!

Abby will let you know how she feels about Harry going away on AbbyDay on Friday.  It is good to know they are together.

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  1. oh nooooooooos!!!!! this is a bad animal week. first teddy and now harry and kevin. as soon as i saw the header on your post i was sad. i am very happy they get to go together though and i am sure they will have a wonderful life on the new farm. is it by an chance the farm where you were goat sitting? will you ever get to see them again? will they remember you???? bye bye harry and kevin!!!!!

  2. A sad/glad day. It's hard to see them leave, but wonderful when they go to a good home. Maybe you can visit. My kids' new mom has a blog so I can keep up with them online.
    (P.S. A salt marsh. Cooooool! I bet the mornings were amazing.)

  3. Kevvvvvvy!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAH! I'll miss both of them.

  4. Oh, how sad! It's funny how we've all gotten to know them, and will miss them too.

    My husband wants to get a new goat to replace Ben (who died), and I've told him it has to be a female. I want to be able to keep her!

  5. Aww, I'm going to miss getting to see all the crazy antics Kevin gets up to!

  6. I has a sad :( Bye bye, little Kevin! Have a happy life in your new home.

  7. I hope you put in the fine print of their "adoption papers" that you require pictures of them every so often! Which, of course, you'd share with us...

    I'm sure they'll have lots of fun exploring their new farm and meeting new friends. I can't believe the kids are all grown up already.

    Have fun Kevin! We'll miss you!

  8. But Kevin is so pretty! I didn't realize you have to give them away!

  9. Oh I'm so sad to see Kevin and Harry go but know it's best for them. Hopefully we will have some new kids to oooh and ahh over...until then I'll just have to look at the photos of Kevin and Harry.

  10. jaz - I knew and the publicist knew the day was coming but it doesn't make it any easier. We both hope Teddy is feeling better.

    Carolyn - their new publicist mama used to do 4H so I know they will be well cared for. The publicist loved her old house in the marsh. She saw lots of birds and other animals.

    Heather Cherry - I couldn't of said it better.

    Cici - Farm life is challenging. But I know he is on a good Farm. The publicist would only pick good people for the kids.

    Statch - I know! It is always hard to let them go. I am sure your girls would love another friend.

    Meri - that is why it is good we have new kids coming to the Farm from Jillian and Mallory. It will help take all our minds off of Kevin and Harry leaving.

    Daisy - we all has a sad here too.

    Cute - he is not too far away so I hope the publicist can sneak over there and get updates.

    Pooba - we only have so much space on our Farm so we can only have so many goats.....

    Theresa - Jillian is due any day now and Mallory not too far behind so we will have kids hopping and leaping soon.

  11. Oh, bummer. Did you cry when they left? I would cry--and I sorta did here too when I read that they were gone. I know you have to let them leave, but it is hard to let go of such cuteness. I hope you gave them a big smoochie from me on the nose before they left.

    OMG!! I got my soap today!! THANK YOU!! You did not have to send all that--wow!! (But I'm glad you did) I'm totally loving the frog soaps, they made me laugh when I opened them. And shhhhhh, don't tell Em, but I'm hiding a few bars from her. ;)

    Thanks, Patty!!! We LOVE goat soap!

  12. I didn't know he would ever have to go away. I thought you kept all of your goats. I understand but it's sad.

    Soon there will be new friends, right?

  13. I didn't know he would ever have to go away. I thought you kept all of your goats. I understand but it's sad.

    Soon there will be new friends, right?

  14. Oh no, we're sure you're sad because we're sad too. We miss him already but are glad that he's happy on his new farm. Hope we get updates from time to time!

  15. I miss little Kevin already ... sniff

  16. Lin - The publicist was very sad. She will get over it I am sure. I am glad you like my rich soap.

    blueviolet - we only have so much land so we can only have so many goats. And with Harry and Kevin being boys we already had enough of them here so we knew they had to go to another Farm.

    BeadedTail - it is sad but it is what had to be done. We knew from the start they would be going away.

    Reese - thank you for caring. We will all get over it.

    Aunt Vicki - thank you. I knew you would be affected.

  17. I hope Harry and Kevin have a wonderful time on their new farm. I am sure the publicist would choose only the happiest home for them.

  18. Glad you found them homes and they are together... I'm sure they'll have fun!

  19. Oh it is so hard to see them go, even when you know they are going to good homes. (hugs) I loved the old pictures of Kevin, what a cutie he has always been.


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