Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is Harry Lost? Or Searching for Something?

The publicist looked out her window and saw something very unexpected. She saw a little cowgoat in the chicken tractor. But not just in the chicken tractor; up in the roosting part of the chicken HOUSE!

 Here is a close up view. Silly Harry! What could he be doing up there?

Oh, but wait! Maybe he is smarter than we think! After the big break in by Jillian the male person moved the chicken's grain up to the roost! I'll bet that was what Harry was after!

The publicist yelled at him to come out because as you know too much grain is not good for a goat.  He peaked out again and thought about it.

He came down but he WENT BACK UP AGAIN! Baaaaad Harry!

 He finally listened to the publicist and came down the steps. He looks like he is going to come out now. What do you think?

Yes! He did come out. Hooray!

 He is the only goat here that can fit in that tiny doorway. But soon he will also be too big to get in there and the chicken's grain will be safe.

Tomorrow:  The big bucks feast.


  1. Oh Harry! You are a little bit naughty!

  2. That little naughty Harry! It reminds me of when my dog would constantly sneak into the kitty food so we had to give the kitties their very own room under the stairs and we cut a tiny little door for them. The cats got in and out just fine but only the dog's nose could fit.

  3. harry is pulling a winona rider with the chicken grain. smart goat!!

  4. I'm amazed he listened at all! He must have been schooled well by his mama.

  5. I always said Harry was the smartest of all the young goatlings!

  6. I'd say Harry's going to get his bubble burst when he gets a little bit bigger.

  7. Whew! Harry's so good to come out by himself (even though he was bad to get in there...)

    I like to look on the bright side. Good boy, Harry! ;)

  8. Harry's a growing boy and needs all the extra goodies he can get it seems!

  9. Daisy - he is a lot naughty!

    Pooba - that story made me laugh. The things you humans do for your animals!

    jaz - I think you are right! I will have to search him thoroughly!

    Carolyn - he is still young....although Luke the goat listens to the publicist too.

    JD - you may be right!

    Reese - uh-huh. Especially if he gets stuck in the doorway!

    Cute - he knew he was in trouble so he knew he better start looking cute.

    BeadedTail - so it would seem.

  10. I wonder if he'll try to squish as he starts to get too big.

  11. Was he in there sleeping?? It looks like he's all curled up and comfy in there! What a naughty boy.


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