Saturday, September 26, 2009

Intermew with the New Farm Cat

We have a new Farm cat! 

 The publicist is having some difficulties in coming up with a name for this little cutie. He was a complete surprise from the male person. You can read all about it here. It is a bit of a sad story because we are also saying goodbye to Farm Cat Fred.
The publicist is very sad about Fred. He was her favorite cat.

But the male person is a great guy and now we have a new Farm Cat or maybe I should say Farm Kitten. Isn't he cute?

I asked him a few questions so you could learn all about him.
So, where did you come from?

I was living in the shelter in Missoula. I am very happy to be in a nice house now where people play with me and I have plenty to eat and there are other cats to play with me. The other cats aren't friendly yet but I think they will be.

How did you spend your first night on the Farm?

Well, I did some exploring in my new home. I learned where the litter box is - this is very important! I learned where the food bowls are. Also very important! And I played with the publicist's plant. 

What do you expect to do on the Farm?

I think I will play and eat and sleep.

And at the point the little kitten did fall asleep.

I guess it has been an exciting couple of days for the little guy.  The publicist would like any suggestions for names. She might not use them but she is always open to suggestion.

Be sure to go and visit Nanny Goats in Panties today. Emily makes a guest appearance. It is a very favorite blog of the publicist.

Tomorrow:  When Emily met Stinky


  1. Oh, I am sorry about your cat, Fred. He was such a sweetie.

    Your new kitten is absolutely adorable! I just love orange stripey cats, and this one is beautiful!

    A good name for her would be Sweet Pea, but my hubby says that I pick strange names, so just ignore me! :)

  2. How about Sunny,since kitty looks like a ball of sunshine!

  3. I don't know what to name him, but he sure is cute! Such a little ball of fluff. Nothing like a kitten to heal a broken heart, I say. Love conquers all. :)

  4. He is so cute and cuddly! I'd call him Pumpkin since were close to Halloween and he is well orange! Our orange cat is named Jimmy-he got a human name like you goats.

  5. I thought the same thing as Julia - only was thinking Punkin because its easier to say - for some reason I then thought "Peter, Peter the pumpkin eater" - does that give away my age?! So I'd suggest Punkin. But do you already have a Pumpkin? I notice under this post is an older post "Intermew with Pumpkin the Cat". Sorry, I'm rambling...its early. :o) At any rate, he's adorable and I'm so happy you have something to help take away the hurt of losing Farm Cat Fred.

  6. ok...picture me with my hands over my ears screaming NO NO NO NO NO!!!! obviously i don't handle bad animal news very well. but this new kitty!!!!! he looks like a jack to me. a cute little jack o'lantern.

  7. I'm so sorry about Fred. But the new cat is adorable. Nice to meet you, as yet unnamed farm cat.

  8. There is nothing cuter than a kitten. Nothing. Your boy is beautiful. I'd call him Bruce, Beautiful Bruce or BB for short.
    -- Chuck

  9. I am sorry about Fred. This little kitten is so adorable and how sweet of the man bean to bring him home. I like the fall orange furs theme too. Punkin or sunny sound good to me.

  10. He is so beautiful. Maybe Rory or Sam or Colby.

    I'm sure you'll pick something perfect.

  11. What a cute, cute kitty! Orange floof is the cutest. :)

    I'm usually so good with thinking of names... but I'm at a total loss here. I think his cuteness has left me speechless (odd, I know).

    P.S. Got my soaps! Love them, as usual. Thanks for the urchin, by the way. Totally unnecessary -- but much appreciated. :) I'm using that one first!

  12. What happened to Fred?

    I though, since she's a replacement for fred she could be Freda, but I like Tangy best... Fake orange juice mix=tang=tangy kitty

  13. I'm so sorry about Fred.

    The little kitten is adorable! My Mommeh has always wanted an orange boy. How about Cheeto? Like the bright orange snack food.

  14. There is a goat named tangy, too.....

  15. How about Mango? There is a young adult book called "A Mango Shaped Space", it is a sweet book. The girl names her kitty Mango because that is the color that she sees from the sounds he makes.

  16. I'm sorry to hear about Fred. The little kitten is adorable and has such a sweet face! I don't have any suggestions for names though although I like Daisy's choice of Cheeto!

  17. A.Marie - Thanks, he is a cutie. I will announce his name at the end of these comments. The publicist told me what it is.

    Melodie - he is that! But his claws are sharp!

    Lin - you would know about orange cats!

    Julia - we have a Farm cat named Pumpkin already. She moved in before Christmas last year.

    Split Rock - the publicist knows that rhyme!

    jaz - I know, I am sorry I had to share bad news but it is part of life.

    Pam - I will tell the publicist what you said. Thank you.

    Secondary - thank you. That is a good name but we have picked a name. See below.

    Reese - thank you. The male person is very nice to the publicist.

    Carolyn - hmmm, the publicist makes Colby cheese...but she did pick a name. It's funny!

    Cute - I am glad you like my rich soap. The publicist is going to throw her inventory system in the river. Or I thought I heard her mumbling something like that.

    Cici - Fred hasn't come home for just short of a week. The publicist is very upset. A cougar has been sighted in her neighborhood. Thank you for your nice names.

    Heather - that is a lovely name! But the kitten rather named himself with his antics.

    Daisy - I am sorry I have you out of order! Cheeto is very funny. The publicist has have just about every color of cat except orange until now.

    BeadedTail - thank you for your kind words.

    Ok everyone. The publicist has told me that the kitten's name is Sherpa! This is because he keeps climbing up the publicist and male person. And then he sits on their shoulders. There will be photos soon....

  18. This is one very beautiful kitten!! He's so orange that he reminds me of a small red fox! You got yourself a little sweetie there and he seems to be very happy already.

  19. I think you are a very lucky young kitty to be able to live on such a happy farm :)

  20. Sorry about Fred. Thats sad... Good luck with Sherpa!! Sounds like hes going to be lots of fun to have around!

  21. Sherpa is a cutie!! Sorry to hear about the passing of Fred.

  22. Sherpa is a great name. Our little Lalo climbs our legs, too! It's not bad if you're wearing jeans but if you have flannel PJ's on OUCH! Can't wait to see more pics of him.

  23. I love the new little kitty friend. It has come to a very happy home!


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