Monday, September 28, 2009

Goatucations - Are Jeffrey, Emily and Matthew Staying on the Farm

It's Monday so it's time for Goatucation.  Many of you have asked whether the kids are going to stay on the Farm. While I realize this is not a typical Goatucation question I figured I would address it. Plus you will now get to look at photos of the kids.

I know how much you like to look at photos of the kids.

Jeffrey and Emily, seen here looking exceptionally cute

have a home on a Farm not to far from here. In fact, they are going home with the publicist's mail lady! She saw them and fell in love.

Matthew, also very cute

doesn't have a home yet. The publicist and male person are trying hard to find him a home. But with a cute little face like this

it shouldn't be too hard. Don't you agree?

I know this wasn't a particularly informative Goatucation but I know that all of my wonderful readers like to know what is going on with the cute kids of the Farm. And I thank you for that.

The publicist asked me to remind you to check out the cool giveaway she has on her blog. She has an 18" x 14" Poster Print OF A PICTURE OF YOUR CHOOSING. How cool is that? The publicist made one with MY FACE on it. It's really cute if I do say so myself. It looks like this:

Just think of what you could create! The giveaway ends tonight!

Tomorrow:  Who Rules the Pen - Blue Guy or Jeffrey?


  1. Do people "fix" goats? Or do you keep them separated if you don't want anymore babies?

  2. Thank you for the goatucation! I'm always interested in hearing about the kids. Does Jeffrey have a little white belt? I wish I could take Matthew, but I probably don't really have the space. Or the proper food. Also, Gus and Pru would freak out. Never mind: I know he'll find a good home.

  3. I love the little white ring around the middle of, is it Jeffrey or Emily? It really is just like the filling in an Oreo cookie!

  4. does the publicist ever hear about any of the goats that leave the farm or ever get to see them again?

  5. Maybe the mail lady will take all 3 of them since they are all so cute!

  6. Oh they are so adorable! Could they be indoor pets?

  7. that is so great that your mail lady is taking them. You will be able to keep up with what's going on with them.They are so cute!

  8. Aww The Princess and I think they are SO stinkin' cute!! The Princess is trying to talk me into taking Matthew...sure. That's all I need. 3 wild childebeasts, 3 kitty cats, 2 hermit crabs, 1 eastern box turtle, one single mom...and a little goat naaammeedd Maaattthhheeeww!

    Too bad he wouldn't fit in our little townhouse. If you'll take everything else on the list, I'll take Matthew. Gladly!! (Maybe he can teach me to solder?) xx

  9. They are so cute. It must be hard to part ways. But I love that your mail lady is taking one.

  10. Lin - I will answer your question in next week's goatucation. How's that?

    JD - that is Emily with the white belt. She looks like an oreo cookie!

    Daisy - that is Emily. And you are so right!

    jaz - she gets regular updates on Nora and Sarah. She hasn't heard anything on Harry and Kevin yet.

    BeadedTail - the publicist tried that but the mail lady only wants two.

    Pooba - no, we goats are creatures of the outside. We just poop and pee wherever we want. It would be messy inside. Not to mention the hopping all over the furniture.

    Margo - I know. It will great to have the updates.

    Your Highness - I somehow doubt Matthew would be good with a soldering iron. He would probably hop away with it.

    Frogs - it is always good when they go to a nice home

  11. I'm glad that you've found such nice homes for them. Those little cuties will be loved. :)


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