Monday, September 7, 2009


I can't believe it is Monday again and time for another Goatucation. But this is a holiday Monday so I want to make sure that all of us Happy Goats wish all of you humans in the US a Happy Labor Day.

So now for our question; it comes to us from The Daily Cute. Cute asks,"How long are goats pregnant for? How soon can we expect the next kid?"

Well, having been pregnant recently and several times before I consider myself an expert on Nigerian Dwarf gestation. Goats are pregnant for about 5 months - anywhere from 145 - 152 days.  I don't know how you humans stay pregnant for 9 whole months. It was hard enough for 5 with all those legs kicking me. And boy, when I had the twins and there were 8 legs kicking me, WHEW! I was glad to be done.

Now you all know that the paparazzi were here taking photos of me and calling me "wide load" when I was towards the end of my pregnancy.

I really don't think this was very nice.

Jillian is looking quite round these days but she should be. She will be having her kid any day now and a pregnant goat should be round.

I hope this answered your question, Cute.
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Tomorrow: News about Kevin and Harry


  1. Thanks for the lesson, Pricilla!

  2. why do your pregnant goat pictures always remind me so much of how i looked when i was pregnant? i guess because i had the same goat girth! teddy had heat stroke and is in the hospital. i am so worried! <}:o{

  3. hope you get a pair of little girl twins... maybe you'll get triplets she looks pretty round!

  4. Another interesting Goatucation session! Thank you! A round goat is a happy goat.

  5. Thanks! That was a great answer... and an even better one because we found out that the new little goat is coming any day now!

    I think it's definitely fair for you goats to have shorter pregnancies than humans. I never thought about how you have extra legs kicking you in there!

  6. I think I looked like that too when I was pregnant!

  7. The Farm is definitely ready for some little girl goats. Do you have some names picked already?

  8. Dear Pricilla

    I raise Pygmy's and Nigerian Dwarf goats,and I need some Goat halters for my goats,but all the big goat halters don't fit,where did you get your stylish miniature goat halters at?

  9. Daisy - you are more than welcome!

    jaz - I will not comment on another's pregnancy 'cause I know I was a bit, erm, round myself.
    I hope Teddy is feeling better.

    Aunt Lynne - it will be nice to have kids. Kids are cute.

    JD - I think you are correct!

    Cute - it is not easy being kicked by all those little hooves, I'll tell you that!

    Lin - I doubt it! You are not covered in fur.

    Aunt Vicki - the publicist has one name picked out if there is a doe born. Otherwise Jillian and Mallorys namesakes will get to pick the names.

    Anonymous - the publicist bought our harnesses at our favorite shop Hoeggers. There is a link in our "Sites to See" over and down to the right. They have lots of good goat stuff. They have pygmy size halters.

  10. Oh, Pricilla. That was very interesting. Have a Happy Labor Day. I think there is still probably lots of labor going on at the farm today anyway.

  11. I never knew they sort of showed on the sides like that! I learn so much from you!

  12. Wide load...HAHAHAH.. poor little goat doesnt like the paparazzi.

  13. Very interesting Goatucation today! Do you have to take pictures from behind so they don't know your photographing the size of their bellies?

  14. Reese - the labor on the Farm never ends. Ironically we thought Jillian might go INTO labor today but no...

    blueviolet - one side is the rumen which is part of our digestive system. It always sticks out and makes us look fat. The right side is the baby.

    JennyMac - would YOU like to be called a wide load? Huh, Huh?
    heh heh

    BeadedTail - we look wider from behind. The publicist thinks she's funny.

  15. From anonymous

    Thanks for site for halters Pricilla

  16. From anonymous

    Thanks for site for halters Pricilla

  17. Dear Pricilla

    AS a question for the next goatucation, I have herd(get it HERD) that donkeys are good to put with sheep and goats to protect them,is that true?


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