Saturday, September 5, 2009


The male person's garden continues to provide us with yummy treats. He harvested the corn and that means so many different things to eat for us; we get the husks, the corn cobs and the corn stalks. Oh, boy do we love the corn harvest!

The first thing we get are the husks. Everything else has to dry. We had so much fun eating the husks I don't think I can get it in all in one post. Abby, of course, had to get on the big spool to eat hers. She did allow little Harry up there with her.

Jillian really enjoyed her husks. I don't blame her - they are tasty.

Mallory was all about chomping, chomping chomping.

Kevin hid around the other side of the spool to get away from all the action. I can't say that I blame him!

 He was smart too - he used the spool to help hold up his husk!

I, of course was a dainty eater.....

You can see just how much we all enjoyed the corn husks. I will show you some more photos tomorrow. Including the big boys and the chickens. THE CHICKENS?!

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  1. To baaad you live so far away,I think my goaties would like to come visit and have a "goatie sleep over"!You all get such tasty treats!On second thought ,that may not be such a good idea.They would start demanding the same at home and they are demanding enough already!

  2. I wish my girls would eat more treats. They turn up their noses at stuff like corn husks. All they want is their expensive beet pulp!

  3. Gees, goats will eat anything!

  4. Sometimes I wish I had a goat to consume all those things that we cant. You goats amaze me with the variety of herbaceous vegetation you can eat!

  5. Lovely! Oh, and Pricilla, I like you and your writing, I just thought it might be interesting to see everygoat on the farm. All the other goats could have one day to be in rotation....

  6. Wow, what a feast! And I must add that little Harry isn't so little anymore.

  7. Those goaties are doing such a great job helping clean out the garden! They make the work almost look effortless.

  8. do you all become disappointed when winter sets in and you just have hay to eat?

  9. Yum. You all get more treats than any other animals I know! :)

  10. I didn't know goats like corn husks! Hmmm, I'm going to have to see what else my girls might like...

  11. Kevin! You are still my favoritist you cutie patootie!!! Get your corn, makes you big and strong!! hehe

  12. You guys are sure a lot cuter adn work much better than a compost pile!

  13. Yummy corn!! I am glad that you get to enjoy it along with the people too :)

  14. What lucky goats you are to get such fantastic treats. The goats here would give anything for something like that. Mom goes around trimming trees for us but corn, wow, that would be great.

  15. Melodie - we love visitors and we would share for sure. Well most of us...there is Abby.

    Carolyn - when my beloved Luke first came to the Farm he wouldn't eat apples if you can imagine such a thing. The publicist kept trying and now he loves them. He is still a bit picky but he is getting better.

    Lin - we do discriminate about some things. There are poisonous plants out there. And we won't eat meat! Yuck.

    Cici - you are very egalitarian. That is very nice of you. I give you goat hugs.

    Aunt Vicki - you are right. He is growing and growing.

    Reese - yes, we are rather like animal composters. heh heh

    jaz - it does get a bit boring but the publicist tries to make things interesting for us by getting us pine boughs and spruce branches for us to munch on. She knows how much we like them.

    Cute - shhh. We don't want the publicist to think we are spoiled goats.

    Statch - we get most of the discarded greens from the garden. I can't wait to get the broccoli and cauliflower plants.

    AB - he does love all the new tastes he is given. He is an adventurous little goat.

    BeadedTail - and then we provide the fertilizer for the garden for next year!

    SL - it's a great life here on the Farm.

    Margaret - thank you for visiting my blog. We know we have it good.

  16. It's so nice to know those can be eaten and not just wasted!


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