Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Big Boys Get Some Treats

As you have seen in the last few days we goats over in the doe pen have been getting some yummy treats from the male person's garden. We have had beet greens and carrot tops and they were delicious. We also had leaves from the brussels sprouts but you did not see that nomming. Maybe you will someday but I might keep those photos a secret as the paparazzi seem to like to show me being a piggie goat and I don't like it. I still think it was Abby that sold me out!

But on to the bucks. They also get to eat treats from the garden too. The publicist just has a harder time getting photos of them. But I begged her to get me some new pictures of the love of my life, Luke and she couldn't say no to me. She is very nice to me like she risked her dignity and went into the buck pen to show you how the boys enjoy their treats. And I get to stare a Luke. Am I a lucky doe or what?

Here is Michael enjoying some of those delicious carrot tops that I indulged in myself. He does look a bit threatening in this photo, doesn't he. I am going to have to have a talk with my kid about how he treats the publicist.

Luke (isn't he just the HANDSOMEST!?!) wasn't as enamoured of the carrot tops as the rest of us. He gave them a sniff but that was about it. 

Michael REALLY made out on carrot top day.

Aaaah, but my cutie pie enjoyed the brussels sprouts leaves. He tore into them and truly enjoyed that treat!

How could anyone resist that face? HI LUKE YOU GORGEOUS GOAT YOU.

 Michael made sure to give them a good sniff first.

And then he chomped them right up!

 Of course I will end this post with a photo of my love...what else would you expect?

Oooooh Luuuuke...we have a date for the Rhumba in December. Be sure to mark it on your calendar!

I hope you all enjoyed seeing the big boys today. I really don't write about them enough.

Tomorrow is AbbyDay and as you know on AbbyDay ANYTHING is possible!

Be sure to check out the publicist's blog - she is giving away 2 sets of 500 Business Cards! 


  1. We have a picky eater like Luke.Our Butter Bean has a very discriminating palette! He will give it a sniff and if it does,t meet his high standards you will be talkin' to the tail!Oh well,more the other goats!

  2. It looks like we are all doing "Treat Faces" today! Hahahaha!

  3. Luke sure is one hunk of handsome goat ...

  4. why do the boys wear harnesses?

  5. If I was a goat... Haha.

    I'm glad Luke had the backup treat option of those Brussels sprouts leaves. Can't believe he snubbed the carrot tops!

  6. Lily my dog thinks she is a goat. Life's just one big party for you guys, huh? At some point will Harry get stuck in the door to the chicken coop? I hope not, but if he does, be sure to take a photo before the publicist saves him :)

  7. It was nice seeing the big boys featured.

  8. Those boys are big burly men. :)

    Are they aggressive? Is that why you don't feature them as much?

  9. What a long beard. They sure do get big.

  10. We enjoyed seeing the big boys today! Do all of the goats eat about the same amount of food?

  11. I love your blog, but I rarely comment. Now I have a question. Is it possible to make a mistake like thinking that a boy goat is a girl goat and end up putting the mature goat in with the wrong group? Or are they too distinct?

  12. I'm happy to see your boys in pictures. I wouldn't want to smell...I mean see them munching those tasty treats in person.

    I'll stick to my does.

  13. Melodie - I think 'cause my love, Luke is papered he thinks he is special so he doesn't eat everything he is given. He doesn't like carrots either.

    Daisy - ha ha is right. But you are much cuter and smell much better I am sure.

    Aunt Vicki - I knew you would appreciate my loverboy.

    jaz - it gives the publicist a stronger hold when she needs it. There are also more rings to attach leads to. For example - when we get our hooves clipped the boys can't fit in the milking stand because of their horns so the publicist clips a lead to either side of their harness, ties them somewhere and then prays she doesn't get butt too badly in the clipping process. Or stunk up too badly. It's not her favorite job.

    Cute - He is a bit of a picky eater. He has been know to spit things back at the publicist.

    Margo - Harry is a bit of a troublemaker. He got himself stuck in the fencing today - almost strangled himself. Stupid Harry.

    Reese - I agree. Especially Luke.

    blueviolet - they erm, think the publicist is a doe so every time she goes to get photos of them she has to, erm, fend them off. It's not fun for her.

    Frogs - and smelly!

    BeadedTail - no, the boys eat much more. And the pregnant does outeat the non pregnant does. Rather like pregnant humans.

    Jorge - thank you for your compliment. It is very easy to determine a goat's sex at birth. The boys have a little sack and the girls don't. In VERY rare occasions a goat can be a hermaphrodite but again, it is VERY rare. I am glad you enjoy the blog.

    Carolyn - you are very funny! My Luke doesn't smell. It's perfume to this old goat.


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