Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Steps

The little ones are starting to explore the goat pen under the watchful eye of their mother. Jillian is nervous about letting them run around and I understand completely. The chickens are bigger than the kids! So far they haven't bothered the kids. The kids have tried to sniff the chickens but the chickens mostly run away squawking. Silly chickens!  Here you can see Blue Guy crowing about something while Jillian watches closely.

 She is always watching to make sure nothing will hurt the babies. Good nanny!

I have no idea what Jillian is doing here - it looks rather funny, doesn't it?

They are starting to hop and make little jumps but sometimes they go splat. The publicist hasn't gotten any splat photos yet but I am sure she will. It takes a while for their legs to get strong. But all of the exploring they did today will help that happen.

Tomorrow: The New Chicken House


  1. Oh, I can't wait for the splat photo. I can just imagine it.

  2. As soon as they get going good it will be double mischief !How Fun!You'll get lots of great and funny baby goat photos then,YEAH!

  3. the new kids are so cute!!!!!!!
    my mom wants one soooo bad! its not even funny! at all, ok?!

  4. Ah, Jillian is a good mom. I'll bet she has her, er, hoofs full with twins!

  5. they look like a pair of salt and pepper shakers! what are the plans for them? break it to my now before i get too attached!

  6. I think Jillian is just making sure every thing is in working order

  7. A splat photo will be so cute, I'm sure!

    And they're really smaller than the chickens?! That's amazing. Little goatlets. :)

  8. It sure doesn't take long for them to get their goatie wheels beneath them, does it?! They are so fun. Thanks for always taking the time to share them.

  9. What cute kids! I just love those black and white ones. Special!

    Jillian looks as if she has plenty of milk too.
    and the chickens are big.

    Cute pictures.
    Have a great day.

  10. Gawd they are just toooo cute!!! Now we all want splat photos :)

  11. Jillian is a good nanny and the kids are super cute! We can't wait to see them jumping around even if they go splat!

  12. Ohhhh! The babies are so cute. And Jillian does look like she has plenty of milk.

  13. Aunt Lynne - thanks. Nothing like twins to brighten a day.

    Carolyn - the publicist is trying. But you know how it goes; splat always happens when the camera is put away.

    Melodie - Can you imagine if they are like Kevin and get to hopping everywhere - two at a time?

    Mr. Grumpster Wilfred - Weeeeelll, these two have a home already but Mallory is due to kid in a couple of weeks.

    Daisy - and her udder! heh heh

    jaz - yes, they will be going to another Farm too. Their new owner stopped by today to see them actually. They are very nice people so you don't have to worry.

    Aunt Vicki - Blue Guy is getting big. He attacked the publicist today. If he doesn't stop THAT he is going to be dinner...or so says the male person.

    Da Bean - you may be right. With two kids sucking away all the time she might just want to check.

    Cute - they are indeed smaller than the chickens. The chickens are about 4 - 6 lbs and the little goatlings are about 1 pound. Give them time. They will soon have horns!

    AB - see what you have learned from coming to my blog.

    Reese - they do get going pretty quickly. You are more than welcome!

    ga.farmwoman - I am sure you do love the black and white ones ;)
    Thanks for your good wishes.

    Theresa - yes, the pressure is on the publicist now.

    BeadedTail - she is working on it...

    Belladonnas Joy - She takes very good care of them although she is funny when she gets to grazing and forgets about them for a minute and then panics when she can't find them. heh heh

  14. I finally figured out what is cuter than a new kid--TWO new kids!! :)

  15. They are so cute! I'm looking forward to seeing more photos as they grow.

  16. Lin - like the doublemint twins? heh heh

    Split Rock - I am sure there will be tons!

  17. They just look so squishably delicious!

  18. Do they kind of seem big? Or is it just because there are two of them? Or am I just getting too used to looking at baby goats??

    Well regardless they are a cute pair of kids. :D

  19. Don't you just love when they realize they can hop and jump!

  20. blueviolet - the publicist really works with the kids around here and they get very used to people so they will run right up to be pet and picked up.

    Julia - they are quite tall. I think it is because Jillian is very tall.

    Texan - they are a blast to watch. The publicist is going to try and figure out the video part of her camera.

  21. Anxiously awaiting splat photos!!


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