Friday, September 11, 2009

AbbyDay - Yes, Harry is Gone. But That Means More Hay for Me!

I know, I know! It's sad and all but hey, I knew he was going. He has go out on his own. I am not a clingy nanny. It's rather nice not having him butt my udder all day long and bother me when he wants some milk. He's old enough to be out grazing. OK - I miss his cute little cowgoat self but I know I have another kid next year.

I am not one for dwelling on things.

But I know you readers would like to see some photos from Harry's stay here on the Farm so I will oblige. Then we can get back to me, me, me! 

He was a little cutie when he was born. 

And he only got cuter as he grew.


He looks like he is trying to look studly here:

 But I am not sure a cute little cowgoat can pull off "studly." Especially one that has been "fixed."

He liked to play with his Uncle Kevin and did win the Battle for the Ultimate Spool Supremacy!

And I know that everyone loves the action shots!

 This is one of the publicist's favorites:

I know he is on a great Farm with good people taking care of him. So I say fare well, little Harry. Grow strong as I know you will. I taught you well!

Good, that's over. Now next week I can talk all about me and not have to talk about the kid any more.

I offer thoughts today to all who lost loved ones on 9/11.

Tomorrow: A Mystery


  1. Very practical, Abby! I am a little bit sad that Harry is gone. He sure was a cute little goatie.

  2. You were a great Nanny and you raised him right!He will do great out in the goatie world on his own!He is a handsome little fellow after all and a charmer for sure!

  3. He looks like he had little springs in his body in your fav picture. I think that is my favorite too. He looked like a mini bucking bronco. I wish he could have moved to CA with me.

  4. Oh, he is sooo cute! I would have LOVED to have had him in my back yard! But, I'm not sure that my cats would have liked him! :)

  5. Stopping by from SITS. Hope you have a great kid free day.

  6. Another sad day on the farm ... I'll miss this little cutie.

  7. I just love his little cow goat markings! Just too cute for words. Great action pictures!

  8. Harry will alwalys be in our hearts, but I'm sure the new kid next year will be wonderful too.

  9. Abby, you were a fabulous nanny. I know how stressful it can be having to worry about the well-being of another creature. Thank you for sharing those photos and I look forward to hearing all about you next week (isn't that the way it really should be).

  10. i don't care what anyone says but i am going to miss harry for a long time!!!!! sniff sniff sniff!!!!

  11. Hop, hop, hop! It is sad to see Harry leave, but it's good to know he's on to new adventures!

    You two had a lot of fun and you were a GREAT nanny!

    Sniff, sniff... (can't help it)

  12. Oh boy, just wait until Harry reads that Abby referred to "HIM" as being a little "COW"goat. Please make sure there are fresh batteries in the camera.

  13. It's funny how I can miss a goat I never knew! Harry was so adorable.

  14. i love homemade butter. i haven't made any in while but since i found the butter stamp i think i will have to do just that. the way this butter stamp works is that you fill the round part with butter and when it hardens you push the wooden shaft with the stamp on the end and as it pushes the butter out of the mold it stamps the top of it. jeez...that was a rather illiterate explanation but you get my drift. i sure wish you could remember your barbecue sauce recipe. i find myself dreaming of it!!!! ps...i will wait to hear the news. thanks for the teddy wishes.

  15. You raised him right Abby and we're sure he's happy on his new farm. He's on the same farm with Kevin isn't he?

  16. You did raise him right and now he is off on his new adventure!!

  17. Awwwww, those action shots are my fav!

  18. I sure do miss those boys. But I am also excited to meet a new kid soon! :) Sometimes you have to let go to bring in new life.

  19. I'm looking forward to the new babies now!

  20. Daisy - yes, but now I get more hay and soon there will be more kids to watch.

    Melodie - of course he is a charmer - he is my kid!

    Julia - I am sure he would have loved that. You have lots of space and those cool horses. And children. Harry loves children.

    A.Marie - Harry loved Stinky the cat so he might have gotten along with your cats just fine.

    Jennifer - thank you for visiting my erm, Pricilla's blog.

    Aunt Vicki - it won't be that long before you are an Aunt again.

    Jennifer - he was unique. Thank you.

    Reese - I would only produce cute kids. I am Abby!

    Anne - you really seem to understand me. I appreciate that.

    jaz - thank you for missing my kid. I will eat some extra hay just for you.

    Cute - thank you. I know he is well. And soon there will be new hoppers or leapers or who knows whatters.

    FishHawk - I am not sure that Harry has the internet on his new Farm so I think Abby is safe for a bit.

    Statch - awwwww. Thank you for that.

    jaz - I will ask the publicist to try and remember. She is old and decrepit. Don't tell her I said that or she won't give me treats. I am sorry your doggie is not feeling well.

    BeadedTail - yes, Kevin and Harry went together. The publicist insisted they go to the same place so they wouldn't be scared.

    SL - that's right. Now I can concentrate on eating. I love to eat.

    Pooba - I am glad you like them. The publicist tries hard.

    Lin - you are right and this goat was tired of being sucked on.

    blueviolet - you won't have to wait long!


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