Friday, September 25, 2009

AbbyDay - I Can't Believe How Much Jeffrey Looks Likes My Nora!

Yay, it's another AbbyDay here on the blog. You know how much I like to talk about me, myself and I! But as much as I like to blog about me I am actually going to tell you how amazing I think it is that little Jeffrey is such a carbon copy of my Nora. It is probably because they had the same daddy, Michael.  Now, I miss my Nora now and again but I know that she is happy on her Farm with Sarah. It's just that Jeffrey has brought back some memories for me.

This is Nora right after she was born.

And this is Jeffrey.

Isn't it amazing?

So you can understand why I look at little Jeffrey sometimes and get a little misty. It doesn't last long because I am not one to dwell. There are weeds to be eaten and hay to be munched. I just thought you would enjoy seeing how similar they are.

Tomorrow: A new Farm cat


  1. Oh my gosh, the similarities are amazing!

  2. I can definitely see the resemblance!!

  3. I can definitely see the similarities. Us people could take a lesson from you with your positive attitude of moving on.

  4. They look like twins. I love goats and we may very well have some when my hubby retires!!

    Happy weekend:-)))

  5. wow...twins!!! almost! goats eat pumpkins?

  6. If you were not here telling us that those are two different kids, I could not tell them apart! That's amazing!

  7. They do look so much alike!
    ~ Jasmine

  8. Nora was beautiful -- and Jeffrey is incredible handsome, in a goat kind of way. ;)

    You and Michael make fabulous kids!

  9. They certainly do look alike! They are both cute kids!

  10. Sooooo cute!

    Patty, I just added your "widget" to my blog with a link - since you weren't able to advertise via Entrecard and now I'm getting out of EC - I wanted you to have some advertising space on my blog!

  11. Daisy - isn't it wild?

    Reese - I think Michael just has consistent genes.

    Anne - thank you. I think I am a most practical goat.

    Jackie - thank you. You too! I thinks goats are great. Especially goats named Abby.

    jaz - I don't know. I have never tasted pumpkin.

    Julia - isn't it?

    Jasmine - thank you for visiting my blog. Nothing better than a goat, huh?

    Cute - thank you!

    BeadedTail - We make cute kids here on the Farm.

    Split Rock - you are so very sweet. Pricilla's blog just never earned lots of credits. We made lots of good friends though. Thank you very much....

  12. They are just too cute, and the really do look so much alike!!! How neat!

  13. I'm just shocked at the similarity!


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