Friday, September 18, 2009

AbbyDay - I am a Glorious Goat

That's right! I have said it. I am just a bit tired of being upstaged by the two new additions to the Farm. I mean, I know they are cute and all but I am a glorious goat. I was here first and I deserve some attention. So I am just going to let you bask in my glory as I enjoy my treats on the Farm.

There is nothing like a big dose of Abby to start off your weekend. I hope you appreciate AbbyDay as much as I do.

Tomorrow: More of the New Kids. Sigh.


  1. Hello Abby, I believe I may be meeting you for the first time, nice to meet you and have a great weekend.

    Watch the treats, everything in moderation. :)

  2. Abby, I'm in a bad mood this morning and you've just cheered me up! You are beautiful and gifted :)

  3. I can never get enough of you Abby! And I appreciate your sassiness!

  4. Abby,you look goatie gorgeous behind those little purple flowers!Umm..well,before you ate them that is!

  5. Oh yes, I do! And I noticed that lovely backdrop behind you as well. Be glad you live there--here is all concrete and traffic. Ugh.

  6. Abby, I think you are just wonderful!

  7. AbbyDay is a great day and definitely the best way to start the weekend off!

  8. Oh Abby, you are just precious! but I'm sure you already know that!

  9. We look forward to AbbyDay so we can see your cute face!

  10. Abby, you ARE a glorious goat... especially in that picture with those fabulous little purple flowers. Hurray for Abby Day!

    P.S. Can't wait to see more of those kids tomorrow. ;)

  11. Abby you are glorious!!

    Oh and I finally found some yummy goat and sheep milk cheeses... Guess what!? No problems with them like cows milk! :)

    Oh and you goats make the very best yogurt ever!!

  12. Beauty, how auld art thou?

    Oh and or chickens are stupider then yours. Our rooster is gone (mmmmm) but they still get, uhm, stunned. Do your boys do that to the ladies yet?

  13. Those flowers look very tasty. Maybe they are the secret to your everlasting beauty?

  14. OH, for sure Abby is the most glorious goat, she is absolutely beautiful. Great photos.

  15. Wow Abby I think you are glorious too!! I am very pleased to make your acquaintance!!

    Happy weekend!!

  16. Sheryl - thank you for visiting my blog, erm I mean Pricilla's blog.

    Margo - I am glad I could make you smile. I am sure that Pricilla would not have done such a good job of that.

    Aunt Vicki - it is so nice to be apprciated. Thank you.

    Melodie - well, they are Russian knapweed and are some of my favorites!

    Lin - I am sorry. I don't think I would make it as a citygoat.

    Reese - thank you. I am glad you realize this.

    Theresa - Of course I am a great way to start the weekend.

    Pooba - I am a very special goat! That is for sure.

    Cute - yes, I know. Everyone wants to see the kids. It makes me glad that I have my day to myself.

    SL - I am so happy you are able to eat yummy goat cheese. And sheep cheese. It is really delicious stuff.

    Cici - I don't think I understand your question.

    Carolyn - that is very sweet of you but I think I am just naturally beautiful.

    Belladonnasjoy - You said it!

    Jackie - thank you for visiting my blog and for understanding how perfect I am!

  17. Abby- you know we will always love you!

  18. What a wonderful experience to visit with you and all your followers Abby. Yes, you are a delight, beautiful and worth of those great flowers. I hope I get to visit again soon.


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