Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Fencing: How not to do it.


  1. Is it on account of him leaving his feet, which makes it difficult to parry, that you find fault with his technique? For it looks like a very successful thrust to me.

  2. Oh yes, that looks familiar. I can't get over how much that looks like Miracle Eve going thru there!

    Thanks for the nomination!
    They are all saved and FarmMan will be choosing soon.
    Have a great day.

  3. You should probably patch with something INedible, or at least less easy to nibble-and-spit through!

  4. Those little goaties are just full of mischief !!!!!

  5. My inlaws' goats do this all the time. It is a pain to pull them back out.

  6. FishHawk - you are very punny. You have a rapier wit.

    ga.farmwoman - we goats are tough on fencing, aren't we. I am sure you received lots of worthy nominations.

    Cici - this is the buck pen. It's the boys' horns that do all the damage.

    Melodie - well, he was in visiting his daddy and he knew he shouldn't have been in there....

    Julia - and horses?!

    Pam - especially when they manage to weave their horns into the wire!

    Daisy - it is indeed.

  7. Why is that picture so cute to me? It's just adorable!

  8. Uh oh. I hope you are changing your farm name to "Naughty Goat Farm"!

  9. Is that kevin? He is a cutie patootie. He can do what ever he wants. Gettin by soley on his cute looks. Oh goodness look at that cute butt!

  10. that is so funny! Did you have to help him get out?

  11. It helps to be so cute when you're being naughty!

  12. Pooba - well, goat butt is cute!

    Jen - I have to agree with you even if he is a bit of a bad goat.

    PlaSmart - Isn't he a silly kid? Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Lin - no we are still happy goats!

    Reese - I think you like Harry 'cause he is the same color as you.

    AB - that is Harry. He is a cutie!

    blueviolet - it's always the bad boy, isn't it.

    Margo - no - he got through just fine.

    BeadedTail - you are so very right!

    Split Rock - I think it's the fence that's busted. heh heh

    Cactus Jack - a big ooops!

    Cute - he is such a silly little kid!


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