Thursday, August 20, 2009

When Did We Get a Third Spool for the Doe Pen?

You never know what is going to happen on the Happy Goats Farm. Each day brings a surprise. For example: just the other day the male person was quietly drinking his coffee and he heard noises from outside. He looked out the window and he saw this

He started to wonder when the doe pen acquired a third spool! He knows he only put two spools in there. Where did this third spool come from? He decided he better get a closer look.

Oh my! That's not a spool - it's the publicist! How did this happen?!

There is a goat on her back!

A small white goat!

Kevin the goat to be exact!

WHAT is he doing there?

The male person asked the publicist what was going on and she told him that she was petting her two little goats - she loves to pet her little babies. Then Abby came over to be pet so she bent down to scratch her ears and all of a sudden there was a goat on her back!

That Kevin - what a silly kid.

Then he started to eat her hair!

The publicist is not a goat snack!

My heavens!

Little Harry thought this whole thing was quite amusing. I am not sure that he would not have leaped onto the publicist's back had he been given the chance.

What will happen next in the doe pen?

I have no idea!

But tomorrow is AbbyDay and you know that ANYTHING is possible on AbbyDay.

The publicist has straightened up now and would like to remind you that she has TWO giveaways going on over at her blog; one for earrings and a gift certificate and one for custom postcards (with TWO winners!). Why not hop on over there and check them out?


  1. LOL! That is so funny!! What a silly boy that guy is! It seems like he is in his wild teen goat years!

  2. It's a goatie-back-ride ! Now he will want one every time you are in his pen!

  3. Very funny! So glad the male person got pictures. Looks like Kevin was hoping for a piggyback ride somewhere? I'm still laughing . . .

  4. You look very cute with a goat on your back! He might be a real hit at craft sales!

  5. I think Kevin is the ultimate accessory! What a cutie. How fabulous. Too bad the publicist had to remove him. I think she learned a valuable lesson about bending over in the goat pen. Thank goodness there are photos.

  6. Oh Kevin, you will hop on anything! What a silly-billy! That makes me think that a goat backpack made of cute fuzzy fabric would look neat.

  7. that is a very funny story, kevin, you are silly! i dont think my mom would mind a goat being on her back or eating her hair, because she loves them so much!

  8. ha ha!! that was funny!
    did you get a back massage too Patty?
    what sweeties they both are!

  9. I think the Publicist will now remember to not bend down near the spools, especially with Kevin around. He certainly seems to be enjoying the ride though.

  10. time for the publicist to go to rehab to get that goat off her back!

  11. LOL! It's like Kevin is thinking "hey, look, a moving spool! Now I can climb and see the farm at the same time!". ;)

  12. Giddy up, publicist! Do goat feet hurt any on your back? Maybe he was just trying to give you one of those massages where they walk on your back...

  13. Funny! Can your publicist stand up straight today?

  14. Funny! Can your publicist stand up straight today?

  15. Funny! Can your publicist stand up straight today?

  16. Okay, I have goats, so I know what the REAL problem is with having a goat on your back. The same reason you don't want them in the house, of course! I hope Kevin was well behaved?

  17. That's hysterical! I can't believe he did that and so funny that you captured it on film!

  18. LOL! Kevin looks like he's having fun on the publicists back! How cool to have a walking spool plus be able to get a hair snack!

  19. You are so cute and clever Kevin! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving congrats of my new baby girl!

  20. Lin - I think if he were much heavier the publicist would have fallen over!

    Marlene - the publicist said it was much worse than when the cat sits on her head.

    Melodie - that Kevin has strange ideas. He stands on me and now on the publicist!

    D'Anna - the male person almost didn't get the photos 'cause he was laughing too hard.

    Aunt Lynne - if Kevin went to craft fairs he would eat all the crafts!

    Anne - the publicist has learned her lesson, believe it!

    Daisy - if he stood still your backpack idea would have been perfect but he kept moving. And hop on her he did. He landed with a thud!

    Grumpster - I think she would start to mind. The publicist says the kids only eat the hair on one side of her head so she is starting to look lopsided.

    Annette - I think the publicist has hoof shaped bruises!

    Theresa - the publicist learns much more quickly than Kevin.
    We hope.

    jaz - heh heh

    Meri - don't give us ideas. We are spoiled or is that spooled enough.

    Cute - the hooves are a touch sharp. I remember from when Kevin was surfin' on my back.

    Reese - She did. But she steered clear of that hopping goat!

    Statch - yes! The publicist was lucky to not be pooped upon! I think that would have really driven her over the edge.

    blueviolet - the male person is quick with a camera. Which is good.

    BeadedTail - the publicist aims to please. heh heh

    Teresha - new babies are to be celebrated. Even hopping goat ones.

  21. LOL you are so lucky your hubby caught that photo!!!!

  22. Carolyn - the male person is good to have around

  23. So how do you like having a monkey on your back. How do you get rid of a monkey like that??? That little goat is very bold. BUt I need not tell you.


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