Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ultimate Spool Supremacy - The Kids Do Battle - Part II

Today I continue the exciting recitation of the tale of The Ultimate Spool Supremacy - The Kids Do Battle. If you will remember we left off with little Harry being butted around by Kevin. But was this the end of the story? Did little Harry recover to win the battle? Well, I will now go back into SportsGoat mode to report.

When last we saw Harry he was barely holding on to his perch on the spool.

And he did get butted off by the larger Kevin but he hopped right back up again.Ready to battle again.

They danced around each other

And Kevin seemed to have the upper hand, er, hoof.

But then Harry gave one of his super leaps

That awed Kevin into submission....

or did it?
Come back tomorrow for the Wordless Wednesday conclusion and see the winner of the battle.


  1. I have got to get my goats a spool or two. It looks like so much fun :)

  2. Oh my gosh, that is awesome you got the picture of him in the air! Ha! Can't wait to find out what happened!

  3. I am rooting for little Harry! He is small, but mighty!

  4. These stories are just too cute.

  5. if you notice one of those two missing just follow the cornmeal tracks from my shoes and hope you can catch me. i can run fast with goat.

  6. btw....if the publicist is able to handle this, tell her i hate ice cream too! yuck!!!

  7. Carolyn - we love our spools. The male person got them for free at the local office of the electric company. They were glad to have someone haul them away.

    Pooba - Harry is a leaping fool. It is currently easy to get photos of him in the air.

    Cute - it is a good battle. And I sure there will be more.

    Daisy - Harry is a tough little battler.

    Reese - you never know what will happen on this Farm.

    Sheryl - thank you. I try to be an entertaining goat.

    jaz - are you trying to kill the publicist? You have not tried her goat's milk ice cream with real vanilla beans. It is very, very good.

  8. Harry is one tough little cookie!

  9. Harry is little but oh so feisty! What's gonna happen??

  10. in perfect seriousness, I think the publicist should make a goat reality show.

  11. Beaded Tail - I don't think anyone should count the little goat out!

    blueviolet - am I making it suspenseful? Bwahahahaha!

    Margo - the publicist is about to go into blueviolet's nuthouse she is so busy right now.

  12. These are awesome pictures of the kids!

  13. Your goats are hysterical...reminding me of my pugs...


Maaaaaa away....


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