Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sweet Kid on Sunday

It's Sunday and I have been working pretty hard lately. What? You don't think a goat works hard? Harumph! I have to keep Kevin in line, I have the keep the weeds trimmed, I am the Head Goat around here so I keep the other goats organized, I am SpokesGoat AND I write this blog. Whew! That is a lot of work for one small goat. So I think I deserve a day now and then of semi-lazy blog writing. Just don't tell the publicist. She might keep my apples away from me or something.

So for today I am just going to share a very nice photo of Kevin. I know all of you are in love with Harry; he has that cowgoat thing going. But I still love my kid, Kevin. So here he is. I think he is just a real cutie!

Tomorrow I will get back to informative posts as it is Goatucation day.


  1. I think Kevin and Harry are equally cute! Have a happy Sunday.

  2. HI KEVIN!

    Nothing makes my Sunday nicer than a sweet photo of a cute little goatling.

  3. Kevin looks like he has been busy knocking over the chicken water! Naughty as usual!

  4. We are all in love with Kevin too. Like I always tell my cat, Pimp (who I had for 9 years before Moo came along...): I love you first!

    Not more or less, just first. ;)

    Kevin, we love you first!

  5. Running from the scene of the crime! And I agree with Cute. Kevin is always first. *mwah*

  6. I still love Kevin!! And Em just screamed across the kitchen "Is that KEVIN???!" . See, we love him.

  7. sounds like you are overworked. i would ask for extra apples or threaten to call goat labor services!!!

  8. We all love Kevin too! He most certainly is a cutie too!

  9. You're so busy that you deserve a SITSCATION! ;)

    I was showing your blog to my son yesterday and he just loves it!

  10. Sweet indeed. I hope the publicist gets a Sunday nap.

  11. I think Kevin is a real sweetheart!

  12. Daisy - thank you very much. You are a very nice cat with a very nice brother.

    JD - I think all days should include a goat.

    Julia - he has been known to go in the chicken tractor. He can be a baaaaad boy.

    Cute - You are very wise.

    Cici - Kevin will be glad to know he is so loved.

    Lin - well, I could pack him up and send him to you....

    jaz - thank you for understanding where I am coming from.

    BeadedTail - thank you. I am proud of my kid.

    blueviolet - I will tell the publicist you said so. I am glad your son likes my blog.

    Carolyn - she didn't get a nap today. The corn was in. It was nommy but she is tired.

    Reese - Thank you. I do too.

  13. Kevin is so cute, he has such a sweet expression on his face all the time.


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