Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Publicist is Cheating on Us!

I am shocked to report on this blog that the publicist is cheating on us! Can you imagine such a thing? She is actually seeing OTHER GOATS on the side. If you listen to her try and explain it she comes up with all these excuses like she is only babysitting the other goats and it's only for a few more days BUT REALLY! She has had the nerve to go to ANOTHER FARM AND MILK OTHER GOATS. Harumph! I don't know how I feel about this.

These are the goats she is "babysitting." They are LaMancha goats so they are full sized and they give her lots of milk; about a gallon a day. Of course MY milk is better. Their names are Daisy and Danielle. This is the publicist milking Daisy

Daisy really enjoys her grain. Boy, does she get A LOT of grain. Hmmm, I think I am going to have to talk to the publicist about how much grain I get.

Danielle waits patiently until it is her turn.

This is the publicist milking Danielle. Oooh, she is a BIG goat.

Wowzers! Look at that udder!

Daisy and Danielle live on a Farm with lots of other animals. These are their pen mates. Don't they look like little deer. Deer are our cousins, you know.....

The little whether seems to be wearing his dinner!

I have heard that the publicist is taking these goats apples!

Tomorrow I will show you the other animals on this Farm including more goats (MORE GOATS?!), sheep, a horse, some chickens, a cat and an alpaca. It's a busy Farm.


  1. oh wow....i didn't know deer were related to goats!!!! new info and it isn't even goatucation day! that publicist has a lot of nerve getting friendly with other goats. i guess there is enough love to go around though!

  2. Deer and goats are family? That's fascinating!

    I'm sorry that you are feeling a little left out what with the publicist's betrayal and all...

  3. What kind of goats are those ones in the photo? The pen mates.

    I am curious.

  4. Well, I am pretty sure that any goat named "Daisy" must be good!

  5. ha! this blog is great. stopping by from SITS to say happy saturday!

  6. Alpaca!? I can't wait to see that... not that you goats are thrilling as all. If I want to give your special, creamy goat's milk soap as Christmas gifts when do you suggest I order? I ask now, because I'm apt to forget about it until November :)

  7. I had no idea goats and deer were related. How interesting.
    I'm sure the publicist is just seeing them TO BE NICE.......

  8. We didn't know that goats and deer were related. That's interesting! We're sorry the publicist is cheating on your but we can't wait to see who else lives on that farm. Mommy does tax returns for several alpaca farmers so she likes them a lot and thinks they are cute.

  9. The nerve of that publicist! Just remember, as long as she's still coming home to you all, Pricilla... ;)

  10. jaz - goats, deer, elk and antelope are all related. Consider yourself goatucated.

    blueviolet - I think I am going to forgive her. She gave me the minicorns today. You know the little ears that grow with the big ears? They are yummy good.

    Carolyn - The publicist is not sure. She thinks they are a crossbreed - Toggenburg and Sanaan but she will have to ask the male person at the other Farm when he gets home.

    Daisy - that is a very valid point!

    The Actors Diet - thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you were, erm, fulfilled.

    Margo - yes, an alpaca! You can order my rich soap at any time as it only gets better with age. Rather like the publicist. heh heh
    And remember if you buy a Harry the CowGoat soap your WHOLE order is 15% off right now.

    Sue - I am not sure. The last time she went to visit goats Jillian and Mallory came to live with us. Hmmmmmmm.

    BeadedTail - I, personally, have never met an alpaca. I used to live on a Farm with llamas though.

    Cute - yes, I know. She does give us yummy apples every night.

  11. I am sure that she is just goatsitting since there are so many other animals at the other farm. Be patient and she will be back to being all yours :)

  12. That was a fun visit. I cannot wait to see more anipal furriends.


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