Friday, August 7, 2009

Little Harry is Growing Up!

Our little Harry is learning some advanced skills these days. Just more signs that my little grandkid is growing up. It happens to all the kids, of course, but it would be nice if they stayed small, wouldn't it?

We were all out grazing the other day and Abby showed little Harry how to stealth graze. This is an important skill because it lets a goat sneak in and get the tastiest of greens without the other goats knowing. Look at him here - you can hardly see him!

He reaches up to take a nibble of a yummy weed. What a quick learner.

Doesn't that weed look delicious? I'll bet you are drooling. I know I am.

As he grows up Harry will a very successful grazer having learned all of these skills from his Nanny and the other goats in the herd. That's what it is all about. Lucky goat!

Tomorrow is AbbyDay so as you know ANYTHING is possible.


  1. nooo! i dont want him to grow up. make him stay tiny foreverrrrr he is so cute tiny!!!

  2. Yeah, I'm with Grumpster--keep him little forever!

  3. Such cute little guys. I loved looking at all the pictures.

  4. Oh, Harry... don't grow up! ;) But it's good that you are learning all these advanced skills. Yum!

  5. Look at that little Harry! He is already a pro at the stealth graze.

  6. Little Harry is so cute. One wishes they could stay babies forever.

  7. what a sneaky smart little grazer! i just love these guys!!!

  8. I didn't know there were tricks of the goat trade!

  9. It seems he has that stealth grazing down pat now. He's such an awesome little goat! You go Harry!

  10. I'm going to try this stealth grazing business... I think we're down to our last Oreo. The things I learn here! Harry is presh :)

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