Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kid of the Hill

The big goats are not the only creatures on the Farm that enjoy the weeds up on the Hill. The little kids like to go up there too. I don't blame them! As I showed you yesterday there are lots of yummy knapweeds up there and boy are they delicious. Little Harry and Kevin did their fare share of munching.

Kevin loves to eat. But sometimes it is just nice to stop and enjoy the view.

But then some serious munching must be done.

Harry just tries to not get lost in the weeds.

He is still small you know.

We have been having a fair bit of rain lately but today when we were heading up to the barn for the night we saw this.

The publicist said it's been a long time since she saw the complete arc of a rainbow. It was very vibrant in person.

Tune in tomorrow for our next Goatucation post!


  1. wow, beautiful rainbow. its been a while since i ventured out on my blog, so i have allot of catching up to do on you goats. those weeds sure look good.

  2. Pricilla! Visit ASAP! I only have one person!

    Kevin is a cutie!

  3. Beautiful rainbow! I'm so in love with Harry. ;o)

  4. do you goaties know that if you walk across that rainbow there is all kinds of yummy chicken feed on the other side?

  5. Harry, don't wander too far. We don't want you getting lost.

    The rainbow is magnificent!

  6. Kevin has some great views of the countryside. Lucky Lucky Kevin!

  7. Beautiful views and a beautiful rainbow - what a great place to enjoy a yummy meal! Just don't wander too far in the weeds Harry!

  8. Love the rainbow shot.

    just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

  9. Harry and Kevin are just too darn cute! Beautiful rainbow shot. A few months ago, we actually saw a double rainbow, which I had never seen before. I still regret we didn't have the camera.

  10. Looks like you all had a wonderful day ended with a beautiful rainbow :)

  11. Love the rainbow shot! Looks like Harry and Kevin enjoyed themselves munching away on the hill.

  12. The rainbow at the end is absolutely gorgeous!

  13. What a beautiful rainbow! And handsome goats, of course. :)

  14. John - summer can be busy. Especially with kids. Thanks for stopping by.

    Cici - you now have a weedeater!

    Split Rock - it was a beautiful rainbow. It almost made me pause but I wanted my grain and apples too badly.

    jaz - really! REALLY! I will have to try that next time. I love grain!!!

    blueviolet - it was very nice to see the whole thing. And it was so colorful.

    Sue - we are very spoiled and very lucky as well as Happy!

    BeadedTail - all Harry has to do is MAAAAA very loudly and everyone comes running.

    Eva - thank you for visiting my blog.

    Statch - it was funny. This rainbow looked like a single to the publicist but when she looked at the pictures in photoshop it showed up as a double! She didn't use that photo though 'cause it didn't show the whole arc.

    SL - welcome back! I will have to visit your blog tomorrow.

    Theresa - it is always a good day on the Farm.

    Reese - thank you. It made the publicist's day.

    Cute - thank you. The kids are the stars here.

  15. skooooozzz me....that is no bird on jacob's shoulder! that is his pocket square which he thinks sets off his leather braces. jake is a very fashionable scarecrow who is horrified by the idea of being covered in bird poo!!! someone mentioned this morning tht jake might need some female companionship. hmmmmm......

  16. I can't imagine a better place for the goats to be growing up at! Beautiful!


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